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Players profile

Name: Shane Origan                    

Date of birth: 07.07.83

Height: 5’ 7 and a big half.


Anywhere I am needed, I am lucky to be playing.

Position you would like to play:

Happy to play anywhere, we should always aspire to be the complete player.

Favourite club player:

Sos  Dowling and Roli Sweeney are the best ambassador’s our club could ask for, but I like watching our younger seniors this year, Eddie, Adam, James, lots more, future is bright!

Favourite county player:  Colm Cooper

Biggest influence on your football career:

My underage teammates and friends, best thing about GAA, you grow up through the ranks with these guys, lifelong friends, you never want to let them down.

Best advice someone has given you:

Jim McDermott Snr, “you have all your life to drink, concentrate on football while you can” 

Best grounds you’ve played in:

County grounds is always special.

Best player you’ve played with:

Ross Glavin played Senior B coming back from injury, that was nice; we won the championship handy that year!! And he kept giving me the ball, thanks bro.

Best player you’ve played against:

I played against cork CIT for Waterford College once, like boys against men, they had 17 county players, not a good day for a hurling college!! 

Sporting hero: Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods

One county player you’d like to see play for Moorefield: 

Kevin McManamon would be nice addition for something different, powerful runner with the ball to break through lines, I like watching him.

Career high:

Underage titles for me are still very special, few u16 and few u21 with my mates.

Career low:

Minor final defeat 2000, ahhhh!


Getting to know your team-mates 

Who’s your best friend on the team?

Feano always rings late at night for advice; I think he likes me more than I like him but he’s not the worst I suppose!

Who’s the tough nut of the team?

Ronan Murray looks like he is anyway, he’s ripped and he has a tattoo!!

Who’s the quickest?

Kelvin McNally, straight lines and in circles 🙂

Who’s the joker/messer of the team?

Mark Murnaghan

Who’s the most skilful?

Mark Murnaghan

Who’s the most intelligent?

Kob or Cano? Maybe Darragh McConville, he’s too quiet, them lads are always clever!

Who’s the least intelligent?

Not sure, big number to choose from!

Who’s the best trainer?

Feano has made huge strides this year; I put it down to army discipline! 

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team?

We start training at 7.30, nobody is ever late, that right Doyler??

Who’s the best dancer?

I wouldn’t know but I suspect Hallers is quite a mover!!

Who’s the worst dancer?

Me, Fist pump all the way! Spin around for good measure.

Who’s the biggest whinger on the team?

They don’t whinge in front of me, but Mark Murnaghan told me Mick Donoghue is always saying he should be starting instead of me! 🙂 (He could be right!)

Who’s the worst dress sense?

Feano is the best by far, if only I could fit into them jeans, Anthony Durney’s shirt after the drawn final was ambitious, I don’t know if it worked?