Play in My Boots

Written by Kelly. Posted in Archive 2014

Published on June 28, 2014 with



The ‘Play in my Boots’ packs – an extension of St. Patrick’s successful ‘Walk in my Shoes’ campaign – aim to de-stigmatise mental health by speaking to players in a sporting language familiar to them. Using the term ‘mental fitness’ to emphasise the positive nature of our mental wellness, the packs also aim to remind the GAA population that maintaining mental fitness requires work and skill development in the same way as maintaining our physical fitness does.

These packs are designed for everyone and anyone, containing useful information which can help us all work through the stresses we all experience, or maybe help someone else work through theirs.

To download your free copy of the GAA – St. Patrick’s Mental health Foundation, Play In My Boots Pack, simply click the image below.