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A section in our history book recognises the roll of honour throughout the years!

If you notice anything not included please e-mail ….. moorefieldhistory@gmail.com




Senior Football Roll of Honour Title-Winners


1958  League Div 1 Moorefield 0-10 Towers 1-4

1959 League Div 1 Moorefield 2-5 Towers 1-6

1960 League Div 1 Moorefield 4-8 Curragh 0-5

1962 Co Final  Moorefield 2-11, Kilcullen 0-2

1982 League   Division 2 Moorefield 1-10 Castledermot 1-9

1983 Senior ‘B’ Championship Moorefield 1-8, Suncroft 1-8

1983 Senior ‘B’  Div 2 Championship Moorefield 3-5, Suncroft 2-7 (after replay)

1991 ???? St Conleth’s Bulletin

1994 League Div 1 Moorefield 1-8, St Laurences 0-3

1994 Senior ‘B’  Championship ( 1993? Paul Dempsey)

J.F.L. Division 1 winners 1995 P. D.

1995 Senior ‘B’ Championship Moorefield 0-12, Clane 1-5

1995 Jack Higgins Cup Moorefield 2-8, Maynooth 1-7

1996 League Div 1 Moorefield 0-11, Allenwood 1-7

1997 Herbert Cup winners Moorefield 0-12 Raheens 0-9

1997 Senior ‘B’ Championship Moorefield 1-8, Sarsfields 0-5

County Senior ‘B’ Moorefield 0-13, Clane 2-4

1998 Senior ‘B’ Championship

J.F.L Division 3 A winners 1998 P.D.

J.F.L Division 1 winners 1999 (senior B) P.D.

2000 County Championship Moorefield 2-13, Kilcock 2-7

2000 Herbert Cup Winners

2001 League Div, Moorefield 2-6, Kilcullen 0-9

2001 Herbert Cup Winners

J.F C .Championship “C” winners 2001 P.D.

J.F.C. Championship “A” winners 2002

2002 County Championship Moorefield 1-8, Sarsfield 0-7

2002 Herbert Cup Moorefield 2-5 Clane 0-9

2002 Senior B Championship

2003 ( Senior B won league and narrowly eaten in championship Dec newsletter)

2003 J.F C. Championship “C” Winners

2004 Senior ‘B’ Championship,  Moorefield 0-10, Sarsfields 0-9

2004 Senior B League

2005 Herbert Cup Moorefield 2-14, Sallins 0-8

2006 Championship, Moorefield 0-10, Allenwood 0-9

2006 Jack Higgins Cup Moorefield 2-6, Nurney 0-9

2006 Leinster Club Winners Moorefield 3-6, Rhode 0-8

2006 All-Ireland semi-final Moorefield 0-12, Dr Croke’s 1-9 (venue limerick)

2006 All Ireland  semi-final replay, Moorefield 0-8, Dr Croke’s 2-9 (venue Nenagh)

2007 County Championship Moorefield 2-9 Sarsfields 0-11

2008 League Div 1 Moorefield 0-13, Celbridge 0-4

2009 SFL League Div 1

2010 County Championship

2010 League Div 1

2011 League Div 1

2012 Senior ‘A’ Reserve Championship


Jack Higgings Cup Winners in 2012 P. D.

( Niall Whyte) In 2013 we won the senior b championship beating the sash 1.11 to 1.10 and the jack Higgins cup beating clougherinkeo 1.10 to 9 pts
In 2012 we won the senior b championship beating Leixlip 1.12 to 1.6


2013 County Championship Moorefield 2-14, Sarsfields 0-13

2013  Leinster Championship Moorefield 2-13 St Martin’s (Wexford) 0-4

2013 Semi-final Moorefield 0-8, Portlaoise 1-9

2013 Leader Cup Moorefield 2-15, Confey 1-13

2013 Aldridge Cup Moorefield 1-15, Sarsfields 2-10

2013 Reserve ‘C’ Championship Moorefield 1-21, Sarsfields 2-14

2013  Reserves ‘C’ Championship replay  Moorefield 1-21, Sarsfields 2-14

2014 Herbert Cup Moorefield 3-19 Carbury 2-6

2014 Senior League Division 4 South Sarsfields 3-14 Moorefield 1-15




The Route to the 2006 All-Ireland Semi-Final

Leinster championship Round 1: Moorefield 0-12 St Pats (Wicklow) 0-8

Quarter Final: Moorefield 0-10 Horeswood (Wexford) ) 1-7

Quarter Final Replay: Moorefield 3-8, Horeswood 1-5

Semi-Final: Moorefield 0-8, Tyrellspass (Westmeath) 0-7

Leinster Final: Moorefield 3-6, Rhode (Offaly) 0-8

All Ireland Semi-Final: Moorefield 0-12, Dr Crokes (Kerry) 1-9

All-Ireland Semi-Final Replay: Moorefield 0-8, Dr Crokes 2-9



Minor Football Roll of Honour Title-Winners


Newbridge under-age club was born in 1973 when Gaelic football was going through a bad spell in the town. Gerry Moran and a dedicated band of men formed what was to be one of the most successful clubs ever to play in the county. In its own entity which lasted 12 years the club amassed twenty championships and eleven league titles. In the Centenary Year the under 14 team were crowned county champions.


+1975 Droichead Nua 4-12 Kilcock 1-3

+1976 Droichead Nua 1-8 Johnstonbridge 1-5

+1978 Droichead Nua 3-14 Leixlip 1-5

+1979 Droichead Nua 5-10 Plunketts 0-6

+1980 Droichead Nua 2-5 Laurences 1-6

+1982 Droichead Nua 0-9 Clane 0-7

1987 Football league Div 3

+1989 Championship Pollardstown 0-10,  Athy 1-5

1997 Championship

1994 Football League Div 1

1995 Football League Div 1

1995 Football League Div 3

1996 Football League Div 1 Moorefield 0-11, Allenwood 1-7

1997  MF Championship Moorefield 0-15, Leixlip 0-8

1998 Football League Div 1

2001 Football League Div

2002 Football League Div 1 Moorefield 2-13, St Laurences 0-7

2003 County Championship Moorefield 0-12, Sarsfields 0-7

+ In these years Moorefield players were part of a ‘Town Team’



Junior Football Roll of Honour Title-Winners


1932 Junior Championship   Moorefield 1-9, Celbridge 2-4

1936 Junior League (Tipp Cup) ??

1948 Junior Championship winners after replay

1948 Junior ‘A’ Championship Championship  Moorefield  Athy (after replay)


1948 Jack Higgins Cup

1989 Junior Div 1

1992 Junior ‘C’ League

1992 Junior  ‘C’ Championship Moorefield 3-4, Clane 1-8

1992 Junior Div 3

1995 Junior Div 1

1995 Junior Div 3

1995 Jack Higgins Cup

1996 Junior Div 1

1997 Junior Div 1

1997 Junior ‘C’

1999 Junior League Div 1

1999 Junior Div 3

2000 Junior Div 3

2000 Junior ‘C’ Championship Moorefield 0-9, Clane 0-5

2001 Junior Div 1

2001 Junior ‘C’ Championship Moorefield 3-13, Monasterevan 0-5

2002 Junior ‘A’ Championship, Moorefield 2-8, Leixlip 0-11                

2002 Junior ‘C’ Championship

2003 Junior ‘C’ Championship Moorefield 1-18, Naas 1-3

2006 Jack Higgins Cup

2006 Junior ‘B’ Championship Moorefield 2-15, Leixlip 1-10

2006 Junior ‘C’ Championship

2007 Junior ‘B’ Championship Moorefield 0-15, Caragh 1-4



Intermediate Football Roll of Honour Title-Winner

1937 Championship

1939 Championship

1956 Draw v Kilcullen

1956 Replay Runners up v Kilcullen

1996 Intermediate ‘B’  Championship

Under 21 Football Roll of Honour Title-Winners

1980 Championship

1981 Championship

1982 Championship

1997  Championship Moorefield 1-16, Carbury 0-10

1998 Championship Moorefield 0-10, Na Fianna 0-5

2000 Championship, Moorefield 0-10, Maynooth College 0-9

2001 Championship

2003 Championship Moorefield 1-11, Confey 2-9???

2004 Shield:


Under-17  Football Roll of Honour Title-Winners

+1977 League

+1978 League

+1979 League

1989 Under 17 League


Under-16 Football Roll of Honour Title-Winners


+ 1973 Championship

+1975 Championship

+ 1976 League

1977 League


+1979 Championship

+1980 Championship

+ 1980 League


+1982 Championship

+1982 Under 16 League


1988 Under 16 ‘B’  Championship

1988 Under 16 League Final Moorefield 1-9, Celbridge 2-3

1992 Under 16 Div 3 Championship

1992 Under 16 Div 4 Championship

1993 Under 16 ‘A’ Championship

1994 Under 16 ‘A’ Championship

1994 Under 16 ‘B’ Championship

1994 Under 16 League


1998 Under 16 ‘A’ Championship

1999 Under 16 ‘A’ Championship

2000 Under 16  ‘A’ Championship, Carbury vs Moorefield ???

2001 Under 16 ‘A’ Championship, Moorefield 0-14, Confey 0-7


2006 Under 16 Div 1 League, Moorefield 1-12, Athy 1-8


2014 Under-16 League Division 1 Moorefield 8-11 Kilcock 1-12


2014 Under-16 League Divison 6 Celbridge 2-5 Moorefield 1-5



Under-15  Football Roll Honour Title-Winners

1994 League Div 1

1997 Div1 Championship

1998 Div 1 Championship

Under 15 Div 1 Football League Moorefield  Sarsfields

2005 U-15 Div 1 Final, Moorefield 1-7, Sarsfields 1-6

2007 Div 2 Final, Moorefield 4-17, St Laurences 0-4

2013 Under 15 Division 6 Moorefield 4-9, Naas 1-13 (aet)


Under-14 Football Roll of Honour Title-Winners

+1974  Championship

+1976 Championship

+1977 Championship

+1980 Championship

+1981 Championship

+1983 Championship

1984? under14 Football Championship Moorefield 1-6 Leixlip 1-5

1988 Juvenile football B Championship Moorefield 0-7, Kill 0-5 (after replay)


1990 Under 14 ‘B’ Championship

1991 Under-14 ‘A’ Championship


1991 Under 14 ‘B’ Championship,  Moorefield 8-12, Sarsfields 3-5

1992 Under 14 ‘A’ Championship Moorefield 3-14, Kilcock 1-3


1992 Under 14 ‘B’ Championship

1993 Under 14 ‘A’ Championship

1993 Under 14 Feile Championship

1995 Under 14 ‘B’ Championship

1997 Under 14 ‘A’ Championship

1998 Under 14 ‘A’ Championship

1998 Under 14 feile Championship

1999 Under 14 Feile Championship

1999 Under 14 ‘A’ Championship

2002 U-14 Shield Winners Moorefield 6-5, St Laurences 3-7

2013 Under 14 Division 6 Moorefield 8-16, Naas 3-2

2014 Under-14 Féile D Moorefield 3-10 Sallins 2-6


Under 13 Footballers Roll of Honour Title-Winners

2006 Under 13, Moorefield vs Suncroft Captain Joey Brannigan ( Players Sean Dempsey and Martin Byrne)

2007 Under 13 South Board Div 1 Championship

2007 FL Div 2 Moorefield 4-16, St Laurences 0-3

Under-12 Footballers Roll of Honour Title-Winners

1991 Under-12 ACC Shield

1991 Under-12 Championship



Senior Hurling Roll of Honour Title-Winners

1890 Championship Moorefield v Monasterevan

1896 Championship Maynooth wo. V Moorefield

1943 Championship Moorefield bt Maynooth

1963 Championship, Moorefield 1-10, Broadford 0-3

1990  Senior league Div 2 Moorefield   Naas

1991 Championship Moorefield  2-11, Coill Dubh 2-8


1998 Senior Div 2 League

Intermediate Hurling Roll of Honour Title-Winners

1998 Championship

2008 Intermediate ‘B’ Championship

2010 Intermediate ‘A’ Final , Moorefield 1-13, Naas 0-11

2012 Intermediate ‘A’ Championship, Moorefield 1-17, Naas 0-11

Junior Hurling Roll of Honour Title-Winners

1941 Championship, Moorefield 5-1, Rathcoffey 2-0

1961 Championship, Moorefield 6-7, Ardclough 3-3

1972 Junior League

1978 League, Moorefield 4-4, St Brigids 4-3

1979 Championship, Moorefield 2-8, Coill Dubh 3-4

1987 Junior ‘A’ Championship

1997 Championship

2006 Junior Hurling

2007 Junior Hurling


Under 16 Hurling Roll of Honour Title-Winners

1965  Championship

1995 Div 2  League

1997 Div 2 League

Under 15 Hurling Roll of Honour Title -Winners

Under-15 League Div 1

Under 14 Hurling Roll of Honour Title-Winners

1984 Championship

1984 Feile ‘A’

1991 Under 14 A and B St Conleth’s Bulltin????

1994  Under-14 Championship

1995 Div 2

1998 Feile ‘B’

Under 12 Hurling Roll of Honour Title-Winners

1991 Under-12 Championship

1995 Div 2

Club of the Year Awards

Bord na nOg 1992,

Bord na nOg 1993

Adult County 2000

AIB County 2000

AIB County 2001





Camogie Roll of Honour Title-Winners

1991 Junior League

1992 Junior Championship

1992 Junior League

1992 Under 21

1992 Under 13

1993 Intermediate League

1993 Junior  Championship

1993 Under-21 Championship

1994 Intermediate Championship

1998 Senior ‘B’

1998 Intermediate League

1999 Senior ‘B’

2002 Junior Championship

2002 Junior League

2005 Under-16 League Champions

2010 Under 21 Championship

2010 Minor Camogie Championship

2011 Junior championship

2012 Junior Championship Finalists

2012 Under-16 Shield Finalists

2012 Under-14 Finalists

2012 Under-13 Finalists

2013 Junior Shield Winners

2013 Under-14 Winners

2013 Under-13 Shield Winners

2013 Under-12 Mini league Winners


Football Teams, Scores and Scorers

Senior Football Title-Winning Teams

1983 Senior B Div 2  Championship v Suncroft: Moorefield 3-5 Suncroft 2-7

Team: Paul Dempsey, Joseph Cummins, Ian Brannigan, John Rowley, Declan Canavan,  Enda Coughlan, Colm Anderson, Paul Potts (0-1), Mark Masterson (0-1), Timmy Durney, Paddy Archibald, Declan McDonald, Denis Dempsey (1-1), Liam Brazil (0-1), Darren Geraghty (1-1). Sub Noel Moran for M. Masterson. Referee; T. Byrne (Allenwood).

1994 Senior League Div 1 v St Laurence’s: Moorefield 1-8, St Laurence’s 0-3

Team: Paul Dempsey, Seamus Murray, Martin Ryan, Bobby Foran, Paul Morrissey, Martin Murray (0-2f), Seamus Dowling (0-1), Ian Smith, Terry McGrath (0-1), Tom McMullen, Pat Flynn, (Capt.), Kieran Murray (0-3, 2f),, Michael Ryan (0-1), Mick Masterson (1-0), Paul Cummins. Ref: Tom Merriman (Kill).

1996 Leader Cup v Allenwood: Moorefield 0-11, Allenwood 1-7

Team: Neil Cummins, Les Hogan, Paul Cummins, Seamus Murray, Mick Masterson, Martin Ryan, Kenny Duane, Paul Morrissey, Paul Potts, Martin Murray (Capt.) (0-6, 4f), Michael Ryan (0-1), Cian O’Neill, Anthony Frahill (0-1), Ciaran Murray (0-3), Paul Anderson. Subs: Tony McMullen for Anderson, Keith Smith for O’Neill and Shay Dowling for Frahill. Referee: Tommy Merriman (Kill).

2000 County Championship Moorefield 2-13, Kilcock 2-7

Team: Padraig Canavan, Kevin O’Neill, Martin Ryan, Seamus Murray, David Barry, Kenny Duane, Noel Buckley, Seanie Whyte, Ronan Sweeney, Padraig Murray, Seamus Dowling, Michael Ryan, Brian McGrogan, Cian O’Neill, Pa Behan. Subs: Martin Murray, Robbie Delaney, Paul Potts, Jamie Murphy.

2000 Herbert Cup Final

2001 Herbert Cup Final


2001 Leader Cup Final v Kilcullen: Moorefield 2-6, Kilcullen 0-9

Team: Padraig Canavan, Padraig O’Flynn, Martin Ryan (Capt.),James Lonergan, Alan Melia (0-1), Les Hogan, Kenny Duane, Sean Whyte, Ronan Sweeney, Patrick Murray (0-4, 1f), Sos Dowling, Michael Ryan, Frank Hannify, Cian O’Neill (2-0), Martin Murray (0-1). Subs: Bernard Behan for Martin Murray, Kevin O’Neill for Hannify. Referee: Des Coyle (Athy).

(Semi-final team list )


2002 Championship v Sarsfields: Moorefield 1-8, Sarsfields 0-7

Team: Padraig Canavan, Dave Barry, Martin Ryan, Padraig O’Flynn, Alan Melia, Les Hogan, Kenny Duane, Kevin O’Neill, Ronan Sweeney, (1-0 pen), Mark Sexton (0-2), Cian O’Neill, Patrick Murray (0-6,3f), Pa Behan, Ross Glavin, Michael Ryan. Subs: Sos Dowling for Pa Behan, Brian McGrogan for Michael Ryan, Robbie Delaney for Sos Dowling. Referee: Mick Monaghan (Raheens).

2002 Herbert Cup v Clane: Moorefield 2-5, Clane 0-9 (3-in-a-row)

Team: Padraig Canavan, Padraig O’Flynn, Michael Ryan, Seamus Murray, Alan Melia, Leslie Hogan, Kenny Duane (0-10. Paul Potts, Seanie Whyte, Ronan Sweeney (0-10, Pa Behan, Michael Ryan (1-3, 02f), Phil Wolfe, Cian O’Neill (1-0), Brian McGrogan. Subs: Robbie Delaney for Wolfe, Brian Collins for Delaney. Referee; Mick Monaghan


2004 Leinster Leader Cup Finalists Moorefield vs Allenwood

Sunday 28th November

Team: Thomas Corley, Pádraig O’Flynn, Martin Ryan, James Murphy, Kenny Duane, James Lonergan, Ian Lonergan, Robbie Delaney, Ross Glavin, Daryl Flynn, Michael Tracey, Michael Ryan, Brian Mc Grogan, Ronan Sweeney (Capt) Phil Wolfe, Garry Brennan, Kevin O Neill, James Eustace, Paddy Tracey, Seán Whyte, Frank Hanniffy, Ciarán Kelly, Mark Doyle, Jason Phillips, Pauric Canavan


2004 Senior ‘B’ v Sarsfields: Moorefield 0-10, Sarsfields 0-9

Team: Gary Brennan, Stephen Eustace, Owen Golden, Liam Callaghan, Ciaran Kelly, Ger Naughton, Stephen Doyle, (Capt.,) (0-1), Jason Phillips, Michael O’Neill, Kevin Murnaghan, Mark Doyle (0-6, 4f),Tim Corley (0-2), T. J. Hohan, John Mooney, Mark Murnaghan, (0-1). Subs; Sos Dowling for Kevin Murnaghan, Niall Whyte for Stephen Eustace, Brian Collins for Mark Murnaghan, Shane Canavan for John Mooney. Referee: Mick Spencer (Kilcullen).

2005 Herbert Cup Winners; Moorefield 2-14 Sallins 0-08

Team: Mick O’Neill, Daryl Flynn, Robbie Delaney, Kevin O’Neill, Michael Tracey, Frank Hanniffy, Philie Wolfe, Jason Philips, Keith Duane, Padraig Flynn, Mark Doyle, Stephen Eustace, Stephen Doyle, Ian Lonergan, Bernard Behan, Cian O’Neill, Sean Whyte

2006 SFC Final, Moorefield 0-10, Allenwood 0-9


As per programme

Thomas Corley, James Eustace, Ger Naughton, Ian Lonergan, Liam Callaghan, Kenny Duane (Capt), James Lonergan, Ross Glavin, Kevin O Neill, Michael Treacy, Patrick Murray, Keith Duane, Niall Hurley Lynch, Jason Phillips, Phillie Wolfe, Alan Melia, Daryl Flynn, Ronan Sweeney, Pa Behan, Padraig O Flynn, Sean White, David White, Robbie Delaney, Niall Whyte, Steven Doyle, Lee Murphy, Karl O Brien, Shane Origan, Aaron Mullins, Niall O Shea

Manager Seamus Dowling Selectors Martin Murray, Paul Morrissey, Paddy Archibold Physio Karen Roe- Smith Kit man Gerry O Toole

Team: Thomas Corley, Padraig O’Flynn, Ger Naughton, Ian Lonergan, Liam Callaghan, Kenny Duane, James Lonergan, Ross Glavin, Kevin O’Neill, Michael Treacy, Robbie Delaney, Patrick Murray (0-4), Ronan Sweeney (0-3 0 -2f), Jason Phillips, Phil Wolfe (0-2). Subs; Alan Melia for Callaghan, Daryl Flynn for Phillips, Keith Duane for Treacy, David White for Delaney. Referee: Mick Spencer (Kilcullen).



2006 Leinster Club Championship Moorefield 3-6, Rhode 0-8

Team: Tom Corley, Padraig O’Flynn, Kevin O’Neill, Ian Lonergan, Kenny Duane, Ger Naughton, James Lonergan, Ross Glavin, Daryl Flynn, Michael Treacy, Jason Phillips, Patrick Murray, Philip Wolfe, Ronan Sweeney, Frank Haniffy. Subs; Alan Melia, Robbie Delaney, David Whyte, Keith Duane.

2007 Moorefield 2-9, Sarsfields 0-11

Team: Tom Corley, Ian Lonergan, Kevin O’Neill, Padraig Flynn, Kenny Duane, Ger Naughton, James Lonergan, Ronan Sweeney, Daryl Flynn, Ross Glavin, Ciaran Kelly, Kevin Murnaghan, Padraig Murray, Jason Phillips, Philip Wolfe. Subs: Frank Haniffy, Michael Treacy, Liam Callaghan, Robbie Delaney.

Leinster Leader Division 1 Football League 2008, Moorefield 0-13 Celbridge 0-4

Team Tom Corley, Pauric O’Flynn, Kevin O’ Neill, Ian Lonergan, Kenny Duane, Ger Naughton, James Lonergan, Ronan Sweeney (0-1), Daryl Flynn, David Whyte (0-1) , Patrick Murray (0-4 2f), Kevin Murnaghan (0-1), Niall Hurley Lynch, Jason Phillips (0-1), Michael Tracey (0-1). Subs Philip Wolfe (0-2) replaced J Lonergan, Frank Hanniffy replaced M Tracey, Ciaran Corrigan (0-2) replaced J Phillips, Liam Callaghan replaced I Lonergan, Pauric Byrne replaced K O Neill


Under-21 Title-Winning Teams

1997 Moorefield 1-16, Carbury 0-10.

Team:  Padraig Canavan, Dave Barry, Leslie Hogan, Jamie Murphy, Seanie Whyte, Kenny Duane, Noel Buckley, Cian O’Neill, Ronan Sweeney, Pa Behan, Anthony Frahill, Philip Wolfe, Patrick Murray, Keith Smith, Jason Coyne. Sub: James Gill

2000 Championship v Maynooth: Moorefield 0-10, Maynooth College 0-9

Team: Padraig Canavan, J.P. McDonagh, Derek Ryan, Pauric O’Flynn, Niall Whyte, Alan Melia, James Lonergan, Seanie Whyte, Ronan Sweeney (0-3f),Patrick Murray(0-5, 4f), Robbie Delaney, Bernard Behan, Brian McGrogan, Kevin O’Neill (0-10, Frank Hannify (0-1). Subs. Stephen Potts for Hannify, Paul Murnaghan for Behan, James Gill for McGrogan. Referee: Bernard Duff (Suncroft).

2003 Championship v Confey: Moorefield 1-11, Confey 0-5

Team: Tom Corley, Paddy Travers, James Eustace, Ian Lonergan, Brian Finnerty, James Lonergan, Padraig O’Flynn, Michael Tracey (0-2, 1f), Darryl Flynn(0-1), Karl O’Brien (1-0), Gary Brennan (0-1), Jason Phillips (0-1), frank Hannify (0-3, 1f), Ross Glavin and Mark Murnaghan. Subs: Brian Collins for Murnaghan (0-3, 2f), Ciaran Kelly for O’Brien, Shane Origan for Hannify, Kevin Murnaghan for Gary Brennan.

Referee: Bernard Conlon (Caragh)

Peter named photo… including subs

Competition for places was brilliant. there was 5 of us that came up from Waterford IT to train twice a week and everything. Think I know them all so here it goes!!

Back row: from left to right.

Shane Dooley, Stephen Eustace, Martin Murray (Manager) Decky Hannify ( Selector), Stephen Doyle, Johnny Feeney, Chrissy Reilly, Shane Origan, Jason Phillips, Michael Tracey, Thomas Corley, Daryll Flynn, James Eustace, James Lonergan, Karl O Brien, Gary Brennan, Mark Burns, Mark Murnaghan, Ross Glavin, Seamus Dooley ( Selector/Stats).


Front row; from left to right.

Joe Coates, Brian Collins, Johnny Mooney, Peter Mc Dermott, Mark Murnaghan, Brian Finnerty, Pauric Flynn, Ian Lonergan, Paddy Tracey, Frank Hannify, Ciaran Kelly, Seamus Murray (selector).



Junior ‘A’ Title-Winning Teams

1932 Junior Championship: Moorefield 1-9, Celbridge 2-4

Team: Jim Hannigan, Jimmy Deegan, Peter Behan, Joe Cradock, Ned Johnson, Tommy Behan, John Murphy, Jack Halpin, P. Purcell, Christy O’Connor, Mick Halpin, Billy McGrath, Joe Farrell, Ger Murphy, Jim Purcell, Tom Shiels, Danny McLoughlin, Strong Hunter, Ted Behan, Gerry Sloan, John Doran, Willie Behan, Mick O’Connor, Joe Murphy, Frank Connolly, Rod Hogan, P. Byrne, P. McEnimon, P. Butler, Paddy Doran.

1999 Junior League Div 1 v Leixlip: Moorefield 3-10, Leixlip 1-11

Team: INSERT TEAM  Scorers: Bernard Behan (2-1), Benny McMullen (0-4), Gerry Christie (1-0), Brian McGrogan (0-2), Alan Melia (0-2), Stuart Conlan (0-1).

2002 Championship v Leixlip: Moorefield 2-8, Leixlip 0-12

Team: Thomas Corley, Niall Whyte, JP McDonagh, Philip Shields, Stephen Doyle, James Eustace, Jamie Murphy, Stuart Conlon (0-1), Gary Brennan (0-1), Karl O’Brien, Martin Murray, Timmy Corley, TJ Hogan, Paul Murnaghan (2-10, John Sheehan (0-5). Subs; Daryl Flynn for  O’Brien, Mark Burns for Hogan and James Dowling for Shields. Referee; Dessie Coyle (Athy).

Junior ‘B’  Title-Winning Teams

2006 Moorefield 2-15, Leixlip 1-10

Team:  Darren McDonnell, Shane martin, Tim Corley, Richie Maguire, Dara Conlon, Alan Kenny, Gavin Duffy, Kevin Murnaghan, Paddy Maher, Mark Sexton, Gary Brennan, Peter McDermot, Paul Murnaghan, Mark Murnaghan, Conor  McBride. Subs: Richie Kelly, Philly Shiels, Brian Collins, Kevin Haniffy

2006 Jack Higgins Cup  Moorefield 2-6, Nurney 0-9

Team: Darren Mc Donnell, Richie Kelly, Tim Corley (Captain), Shane Martin, Gareth Duffy (0-2), Richie Maguire, Darren Conlon, Kevin Murnaghan (1-0), Paddy Maher, Mark Sexton, Gary Brennan, Peter Mc Dermott (0-1), Paul Murnahan (0-1), Mark Murnaghan (1-1) ( Penalty, free) Brian Collins (0-1) Free  Barry O’Shea

Managers Charlie Shields, Deckie Hanniffy, Peter Whyte? Joey Hayden, Eoin Golden?



2007 Moorefield 0-15, Caragh 1-4



Junior ‘C’ Title-Winning Teams

2001 Championship v Monasterevan: Moorefield 3-13, Monasterevan 0-5

Team: Paul Dempsey, David Meade, Stephen Kelly, John McCormack, Brian Finnerty, James Lonergan (0-1), Dean Brogan, Stephen Doyle (0-2), Mark Sexton (0-1), Paul Murnaghan (2-1), Ross Glavin, Paul Murphy, Brian Collins (0-2), Tim Corley (0-2), Mark Murnaghan (0-1). Subs; Colin Rooney for Brogan, Darren Butler (0-10 for Paul Murphy, T. J. Hogan (1-2) for Glavin. Referee: Anthony Lambe (Kilcullen).

Minor Title-Winning Teams

1987 League Winners

Team: Michael Ryan, Tony McMullen, Enda Coughlan, Damien Meade, Ian Smyth, Paul Potts, John Hayden, George Kemmy, Paul Keane, Graham Reid, Martin Murray, Timothy Durney, Eoin Cummins, Paul Hanniffy, Gerry moan, Paul Anderson, David O’Neill, Paul Cummins (Captain), Finbarr Redmond, Declan Hanniffy, Tommy martin, Niall Kennedy.

+1990 Minor Championship v Athy: Moorefield insert score 

Team Panel: Alan Meade, Liam Mulpeter, Austin Kelly, Enda Coughlan, Tommy Gaughan, Declan McDonnell, Owen Cummins, John Sheehan, Ian Smith, (Capt.), Sean Mulpeter, Gearoid O Mohrain, Gerry Christie, Ian Brannigan, Brian Moylan, Paul Hanniffy, Denis Dempsey, Brendan Curran, Seamus Murray, George Kemmy, Tossy McDonnell. Coach Sos Dowling. Management; Eric McDonnell, Jimmy McDermott, Jimmy Murray, Mick Byrne (Miltown representative)

+ This team featured Miltown players Liam and Sean Mulpeter and Brendan Curran who came on as a very effective sub.

1997 v Leixlip MF Championship: Moorefield, 0-15, Leixlip )-8

Team:1-Pauric Canavan (captain), 2-Gerry O’Connor, 3-Kevin O’Neill, 4-Jamie Murphy, 5-Niall Whyte, 6-Alan Melia, 7-John Whitely, 8-Brendan McMullen, 9-Sean Whyte, 10-Patrick Murray, 11-Bernard Behan, 12-James Gill, 13-Brian McGrogan, 14-Bobby Malone, 15-Robbie Delaney. Subs: David Brannigan Ronan Sweeney, Kevin McGee, Martin Tynan, William McDonnell, Shane Donoghue. Manager: Eric McDonnell. Referee: Vincent Kelly (Ardclough)


2001 MFL Div 1 v Leixlip: Moorefield 3-11, Leixlip 1-7

Team: Thomas Corley, Brian Buckley, Stephen Doyle, James Dowling, James Lonergan, Brian Finnerty, James Eustace, Mark Byrne, Timmy Corley, (0-1), Simon Byrne, Ross Glavin, (1-3), Mark Murnaghan, (1-2), Paddy Kearns, (0-1),Stephen Potts, Frank Hannify (0-4), (Capt.) Subs; Dean Brogan, Joseph Murphy, Peter McDermott, (1-0), Alan Lennon, Shane Dooley.

2002 Football League Div 1 Moorefield 2-13, St Laurences 0-7


2003 Championship v Sarsfields:  Moorefield 0-12, Sarsfields 0-7

Team: Vincent Carroll, Anthony Thorpe, Paddy Tracey, Stephen Eustace, Ciaran Kelly, Ger Naughton (0-1), Ian Lonergan, Ross Glavin, (capt.), Daryl Flynn (0-10, Kevin Murnaghan, Michael Tracey (0-6), Mark Doyle (0-1), Alan Thorpe (0-3), Jason Mac Philips, Keith Duane. Subs. Eddie Crudden, Conor McBride, Lee Murphy, Darren Conlon. Referee Liam Herbert (Sallins). Manager: Pat Flynn

Under-17 Football Title-Winning Teams

1989 Div 3 League Moorefield 0-5, Sarsfields 0-3



Under-16 Football Title-Winning Teams


1992 League Moorefield 1-10, Ellistown 1-4


1994 Under-16 ‘A’ Moorefield 3-10, St Laurences 1-6

Team: Padraig Canavan, Colm Rooney, Martin O’Donnell, Stephen McCann, Kenny Duane, Leslie  Hogan, Eoin Golden, Keith Smith, Paddy Maher, (0-1), Patrick Murray (0-2), Bernard Behan (0-20, David White, Brendan McMullen (0-1(), Phil Wolfe (1-2), David Barry (2-2). Jamsie Murphy, Gary Copeland

1994 Under 16 B League  Moorefield 1-12, Straffan-Rathcoffey 0-9

Team:  ‘Buzzy’ Phillips, Philip Christie, Kevin Corry, David Scanlon (Capt.), James O’Donnell, David Whitely, ‘Curley’ Barry, Kevin Quill, Michael Buckley, Michael Harper, Sean Whyte, Dermot Conlon, Carl Craddock, David Naughton, Bobby Malone. Manager: Tom McDonnell. Frankie Durney Assistant manager

1994 Under-16  Championship: Moorefield ‘B’ 2-7, Ardclough 0-7

Team:  Michael Harpur, Declan Conlan, Paul Smith, Bobby Malone, Nial White, Michael Buckley, David Naughton, David Scanlon (0-3), Sean White, Brian McGrogan (0-2), David Whitely, Philip Christie(0-10, James Phillips (1-0), Carl Cradock, Kevin Quill (0-1)

U-16 1998, Moorefield 2-6 Leixlip 1-6


  1. Gary Brennan 2. JP McDonagh 3. Derek Ryan (0-1) 4.Brian Finnerty 5.Paul Thorpe 6.Pauric Flynn 7.Paul Moran 8. TJ Hogan 9.James Crudden, capt (0-1)  10. Ger Farrell (0-1) 11. Johnny Feeney 12. Brian Collins (1-3) 13. Paddy Collins (1-0) 14. Christy Reilly 15. Karl O Brien


Subs- Stephen Doyle, Donnach Craddock, Kevin White, Ronan Lee, Peter Mc Dermott, Timmy Corley, Mark Burns, Evan White, Frank Hannify


U-16 1999, Moorefield 0-10 Celbridge 1-3


  1. Thomas Corley 2.Shane Origan 3.Stephen Doyle 4. James Dowling 5. Brian Finnerty 6. Dan Connally 7. James Lonergan 8. Simon Byrne 9. Timmy Corley (0-2) 10. Frank Hannify (0-3) 11. Paddy Kearns (0-2) 12. James Eustace 13. Peter Mc Dermott .capt (0-3) 14. Stephen Potts 15. Richard Kelly.


Subs – Shane Malone, Dean Brogan, Gary Hogan, Shane Dooley, Stephen White, Mark Burns, Robert Hall, Paddy Treacy, Michael Treacy, Fran Dunne, Alan Thorpe.

Manager – Tommy Mc Cormack.

Selectors – John O Neill, Peter Moran.



????? 2000 Under 16  ‘A’ Championship, Carbury vs Moorefield ???

4pm, Referee Fintan Barrett, Sarsfields Park

Thomas Corley, Francis Dunne, Paddy Treacy, James Dowling, AN Other, James Lonergan, Dean Brogan, Michael Treacy, Simon Byrne (Capt), Stephen Sheridan, Ross Glavin, Joseph Murphy, Daryl Flynn, Edward Crudden, Mark Doyle, Vinnie Carroll, Barry O’Shea, Johnny Maguire, Darryl Collins, Killian Harte, Alan Lennon, Shaun Doody, Keith Duane, Ian Lonergan, Andrew Murphy, Alan Thorpe

Manager Pat Flynn Selectors Owen Cummins Angelo Murray Michael Mc Dermott John O Neill


2001 Under-16a Championship v Confey: Moorefield 0-14, Confey 0-7

Team: Vinny Carroll, Frankie Durney, Paddy Treacy, Johnny Maguire, Kieran Kelly, Ger Naughton, Andrew Murphy,   Ross Glavin (0-2) Capt., Michael Treacy (0-1), Mark Doyle (0-1), Kevin Duane, Daryl Flynn (0-2), Kevin Murnaghan (0-1), Keith Duane (0-2), Barry O’Shea (0-1), Alan Thorpe (0-4). Subs: Eddie Crudden, Daryl Collins, Killian Hart, Anthony Thorpe, Sean Doody, Ian Lonergan. Manager; Pat Flynn.


Winners???  2002 Saturday 16th September Under 16 A Championship, Carbury vs Moorefield in Sarsfields Park

Team: Thomas Corley, Francis Dunne, Paddy Treacy, James Dowling, AN Other, James Lonergan, Dean Brogan, Michaeal Treacy, Simon Byrne (Capt) Stephen Sheridan, Ross Glavin, Joesph Murphy, Darryl Flynn, Edward Crudden, Mark Doyle, Vinnie Carroll, Barry o Shea, Johnny Maguire, Darryl Collins, Killian Harte, Alan Lennon, Shaun Doody, Keith Duane, Ian Lonergan, Andrew Murphy, Alan Thorpe

Manaer: Pat Flynn Selectors: Owen Cummins, Angelo Murray, Michael Mc Dermott, John O Neill


2006 Under 16 Div 1 League v Athy

Team: Thomas Landy, Thomas McDermott, James Stokes, Dessie Rogan, Colin Lonergan, Gavin Sunderland, Jack Ryan, John O’Connor(0-3f), Kevin O’Donnell, (capt.), Shane Pollard (0-1), Eddie Heavey (0-3, 2f), Conor Moynihan (0-1),Eamon O’Callaghan (0-1),Conor Hughes (0-10, Sean Doyle, Gary Lowe (1-2). Referee: Paddy Moore.

Under-15 Football Title-Winning Teams

2007 Div 2 Final v St Laurence’s; Moorefield B 4-17, St Laurence’s 0-4

Team: Kevin Donnelly, James Murray, Warren Kealy, Owen Morrissey, Kari Wufka, (1-2), Daniel Foran, Gary Guilfoyle (0-1), Adam Tyrell,  (Capt.), Daniel Purcell (1-0), Ronan Murray (1-2), Neil Farrell (0-2), David Mullins (0-1), Barry Dempsey, Paddy Moore (1-0), Eamon Doyle (0-1),Glen Collins (0-5, 1f), Eoghan O’Connor (0-2), Shane Newman.

2005 Under-15 Division 1 Final v Sarsfields: Moorefield 1-7, Sarsfields 1-6

Team: Thomas Lindy, James Stokes, Gavin Sunderland, Thomas McDermot, Jack Ryan, John O’Connor, Colin Lonergan, Kevin O’Donnell, (0-1), Daire Dunne, (0-1), Eamon Callaghan (1-0), Eddie Heavey (0-2), Conor Hughes (0-1), Craig Durney (0-1), Shane Pollard, Sean Doyle. Subs; Conor Moynihan, (0-1) for Durney HT

Under-14 Football Title-Winning Teams

1990 Under 14 League Final v Leixlip: Moorefield

1991 Under 14 ‘B’  League Final v Sarsfields: Moorefield 8-12, Sarsfields 3-5

1991 Championship Final v Maynooth: Moorefield 2-10, Maynooth 1-1

Team: The full list of u-14 players in the back to back wins was: Gary Dunphy, Brendan McMullan, Martin O’Donnell, James Gill, Kenny Duane, Leslie Hogan, Oliver Durney, Jason Coyne, Chris Mullins, Bernard Behan, Andrew Walker, Philip Wolfe, Patrick Murray, Paddy O’Neill, Kevin Walker, Andrew Sherlock, Francis Fagan, Niall Walsh, David Barry, Anthony Kennedy, David O’Brien, Niall Whyte, Gary Copeland, Stephen Kelly, Padraig Canavan, Brian McGrogan, Dermot Walsh, Wm. McDonnell, Owen Hanratty, David Whitely, Jamie Murphy, Alan Murphy, David Naughton, Kevin Corry, Owen Roddy, David Scanlon, David Brannigan, Martin Meehan, John Paul Wilson, Lee Nevin, Colin Rooney, Paul Archibald.

2002 U-14 Shield Winners Moorefield 6-5, St Laurences 3-7






Senior Hurling Title-Winning Teams

1963 County Champions: C. Ruffley, J. Barker, L. Sherry, S. Schwer, T. Connell, M. Monaghan, D. Dennis (Captain), M. Leahy, A. Kiely, T. Durney, L. Casey, H. Byrne, H. Fay, N> Goff, T. Breen, J. Dowling, P. Moore. D. Stapleton.

1991 Championship v Coill Dubh: Moorefield 2-11, Coill Dubh 2-8

Team: D. Dreelin, P. Martin, P. Cummins, J. Gorman, O. Cummins, M. Murray, E. McMullen, M. O’Shea, P. Hayden (Capt.) (1-1, 1-0f), T. McMullen (0-10, M. Maloney, L. Murray, M. Deeley, (0-8, 0-4f),J. McMullen,(1-0), J. Fitzpatrick. Subs: N. Maher for E. McMullen, N. Moore for J. Fitzpatrick. Referee: T. Buggle (Ardclough).

Junior Hurling Title-Winning teams

1987 L. Murray, P. Murphy, M. Murray, P. Regan, D. O’Brien, J. Fitzpatrick, P. Doyle, P. Reidy, M. O’Shea, P. Cummins, N. Moore, P. Quill, J. Kelly, E. McMullen (junior), E. Cummins, T. McMullen, J. Quinlan, S. Fingleton, C. Shiels, J. Gorman (Captain), T. Whyte, W. Dwyer, J. Farrell.  E. McMullen Selector and F. Morrissey, Manager

Intermediate Hurling Title-Winning Teams

2010 Hurling ‘A’ Championship v Naas: Moorefield 1-13, Naas 0-11

Team: James Donnelly, Kevin Corry, Dave Barrett, Chris Reilly, Mark Doyle, Gavin Sunderland, (1-3, 1-0f, 0-3f), Ger O’Connor, Barry Dempsey, John Sheehan, Mark Sexton, (0-3), Paddy Maher, (0-2f), Warren Downey (0-1), Dave McIllroy (0-10, Matt Kemmy, Barry McGann (0-3). Referee: Paddy Moore

Under-14 Hurling Title-Winning Teams

1984 Under-14 Centenary Final v Kilcullen Paul Collins, Gerry Moran, Anthony Thornton, Finbar Redmond, Declan Reilly, Joe Shortt, Adrian Conlon, Gerard Finan, Anthony Murray, Martin Murray, Tony McMullan, Brian Cregan, George Behan, Ger Dooley, Neil Cummins, Brendan Somers, Brendan Moylan, Stephen Gordon, Seamus Murray, Peter Burke, Tommy Martin, Thos McDonnell, Sean Dowling, Declan McDonnell, Fergal Melia, Joe McCormack, Eamonn Murray. Manager Ernie Mc Mullen.




2002 Junior Championship vs Johnstownbridge

2002 Junior League vs Johnstownbridge

Geraldine Browne, Susan O Connor, Denise Kemmy, Ellen Ryan, Nancy Mc Donnell