Scoil na Naomh Uilig

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Super win for local school, Scoil na Naomh Uilig, who captured their first Senior Cumann na mBunscol title on Tuesday 26th May. The school reached the senior final two years ago and were unlucky to lose to Lackagh.  Following their under 10 success last year the seniors were adamant not to leave the title behind them. 

Thanks to Eoghan Corrigan and Midhul who answered some questions for us.

Date of Birth

Midhul: 16th June

Eoghan: 6th June


Midhul: Goalkeeper

Eoghan: Full Forward

First time you played football

Midhul: 8/9 years old

Eoghan: 3 years old

First trainer

Midhul: Darren Butler

Eoghan: Oliver O Kelly

Favourite Moorefield player

Midhul: Tom Kinsella

Eoghan: Adam Tyrell

Favourite gaelic player

Midhul: Steven Cluxton

Eoghan: Cathal Cregg (Roscommon)

Best game you ever played in

Midhul: Under 11 gaelic final (Scoil na Naomh Uilig)

Eoghan: Under 12 Hurling Final 2014 (Moorefield)

Biggest influence on your life so far

Midhul: My family

Eoghan: My dad

Best advice someone has ever given you

Midhul: The harder you work, the better it gets

Eoghan: Never drop the head

Best ground you have ever played in

Midhul: Hawkfield

Eoghan: St Conleth’s Park

Favourite sport

Midhul: Soccer/ gaelic

Eoghan: Gaelic


Senior Team 2015

Let’s get to know the team…….

Who’s your best friend on the team?

Midhul: Eoghan, Jaden and Dylan

Eoghan: Dylan, Midhul and Jaden

Who’s the tough nut of the team?

Midhul: Timothy

Eoghan: Timothy

Who’s the quickest?

Midhul: Nathan

Eoghan: Nathan A.

Who’s the Joker of the team?

Midhul: Jaden

Eoghan: Jaden

Who’s the most skillful?

Midhul: Eoghan Corrigan

Eoghan: Ethan Montaine

Who’s the best trainer?

Eoghan: Mr O Toole and Mr Morrissey

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team?

Midhul: Mr Morrissey!!

Eoghan: Mr Morrissey!!

Who’s the best player you have played with?

Midhul: Evan O Callaghan

Eoghan: Evan O Callaghan

Who’s the best player you have played against?

Midhul: Terry Smith

Eoghan: Dan Coughlan (Educate Together)

Who’s the newest player on the team?

Midhul: Nathan

Eoghan: Nathan

Who’s the oldest player on the team?

Midhul: Eoghan Corrigan

Eoghan: Me

Who’s the top scorer?

Midhul: Eoghan Corrigan

Eoghan: Ethan or me

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet??

Midhul: Fawaz

Eoghan: Midhul or Fawaz