Captains Profile – John Finnegan 2015

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Published on September 25, 2015 with

Hurling Championship 2015 Paul Dawson (1)

Thanks to our Hurling Captain John Finnegan for taking part in our latest interview. 

John, a native of Dublin played for Dublin Senior Hurling team and won a National League title with them. We are delighted to have someone of John’s county experience playing with our hurlers, he is a huge addition to the team with great leadership qualities on and off the pitch. 

We would like to wish John, the hurling team and management the best of luck in the Intermediate Hurling Final this Sunday 27th September.

Moorefield v Naas 

Venue: Hawkfield, 3.15pm 

All support will be greatly appreciated


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Players Profile

Name:    John Finnegan              

Date of birth: 25th September 1972

Height: 5ft 9


Centre Back

Position you would like to play: 

 Centre Back

Favourite club player:

Dave Carroll

Favourite county player: 

Dave O’Callaghan, Dublin

Biggest influence on your hurling career:

My Dad

Best advice someone has given you:

Practice the basic skills, the rest will follow.”

Best grounds you’ve played in:

Croke Park

Best player you’ve played with:

Liam Walsh – Dublin, Class wing back.

Best player you’ve played against:

Charlie Carter or Eddie Brennan – Kilkenny

Sporting hero:

Too many to mention.

One county player you’d like to see play for Moorefield: 

Richie Hogan.

Career high:

Winning National league with Dublin & winning U21 Championship with Commercials, Dublin

Career low:

Losing Fitzgibbon Cup final to UCC by 4 Points.



Getting to know your team-mates 

Who’s your best friend on the team?

They are all my best friends!

Who’s the tough nut of the team?

There are plenty of tough nuts on the team – Benny, Christy, Warren, Paul etc

Who’s the quickest?

The quickest is probably Banjo.

Who’s the joker/messer of the team?

There are no messers- we are all too focussed.

Who’s the most skillful?

The most skillful  would have to be Dawson, he even holds the hurl differently to everyone else and gets away with it !

Hurling Championship 2015 Paul Dawson (2)

Who’s the most intelligent?

The most intelligent is any member of the management.

Who’s the best trainer?

Gummers is the best trainer

Who’s the worst timekeeper on the team?

Worst time keeper is probably myself.

Who’s the best dancer?

Best dancer , I believe is Mark Sexton.

Who’s the worst dancer?

Worst dancer is Benny, Dont stand anywhere near him when he has a pint in his hand !

Who’s the biggest whinger on the team?

Biggest whinger has to be Jamsie.

Who’s the worst dress sense?

We are all classy dressers !