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Kildare lADIES 2015 (2)We are proud to have two of our very own representing Kildare this Sunday in the Intermediate All Ireland Final. Thanks to Aisling and Michelle Curley who answered some questions about the Kildare team for us. The ladies take on Waterford at 1.45pm in Croke Park.



Our underage and senior teams will be there supporting the team and management… Best of luck! 

u 14 Croke PArk 2015 All Ireland

Under 14 and Senior Team up supporting Kildare


Date of birth:



Aisling: 5’5

Michelle: 5’5


Aisling: Centre back

Michelle: Half back

Favourite Club Player?

Aisling: Shauna Doyle

Michelle: Amber Masterson

Favourite County Player?

Aisling: Maria Moolick

Michelle: Eadaoin Connolly

Biggest influence on your football career?

Aisling: My parents

Michelle: Have to say the parents, always been our number one supporters.

Best advice someone has given you?

Aisling: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Michelle: Train like you mean to play, play like you want to be remembered

Best grounds you’ve played in?

Aisling: Parnell Park

Michelle: Parnell Park

Best player you’ve played with?

Aisling: Aisling Holton

Michelle: : Aisling Curley (not just because she’s the twin, she’s actually an alright footballer)

Best player you’ve played against?

Aisling: Jemma Begley

Michelle: I’m terrible with names, have to say anytime we’ve played Dublin they’ve always made us up our work rate.

Career High:

Aisling and Michelle: Winning the Leinster final and progressing to the All-Ireland final.

Kildare Ladies Leinster

Career Low:

Aisling and Michelle : Losing the minor all-Ireland semi final to Clare.

What success have you achieved on the pitch? 

Aisling: I think just getting to start this year has been an achievement with the talent that we have throughout the panel. There has been a constant battle for positions throughout the year.


Kildare Ladies 2015

Getting to know the Kildare Team!

Who’s your best friend on the team?

Aisling: Grace Clifford

Michelle: Naoise Berry

Who’s the tough nut of the team?

Aisling: Aisling Savage

Michelle: Aisling Savage

Who’s the quickest?

Aisling: Tribal Duggan

Michelle: Trina Duggan

Who’s the Joker/Messer of the team?

Aisling: Roisin Byrne

Michelle: Roisin Byrne

Who’s the best trainer?

Aisling: Rachel Reidy

Michelle: Aisling Holton

Who’s the biggest whinger on the team?

Aisling:  Roisin Byrne

Michelle: Roisin Byrne

Who’s the best dancer?

Aisling: Lydia Furey whenever she gets the chance to make it out to Coppers

Michelle: There’s a few contenders there, a few drinks and a taxi to Coppers and it’s a free for all.

Who’s the worst dancer?

Aisling: Paula Keetley

Michelle: Yet to be confirmed

Who’s the worst dress sense?

Aisling: Mikaela McKenna 😉

Michelle: Hard to tell when we’re all in football gear

Oldest on the team?

Aisling: Fiona O’Sullivan

Michelle: Aisling Heavey

Youngest on the team?

Aisling: Molly Price

Michelle: Molly Price

Funniest nickname on the team?

Aisling: Has to go to the two Eadestown girls Packie and Francie

Michelle: Racheal Cribbin aka the dragon

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet??

Aisling: Niamh Mulhall

Thanks to Grace Clifford for helping me out on a few of these questions!!

Michelle Aisling 2015

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