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The passing of Willie Crowley came as a major shock to everyone who knew him, or who knew of his great generosity, his loving kindness, his compassion and his general contribution to the betterment of life for the Newbridge community in general, or for his unseen and caring work for people who experienced personal or family difficulties.

Willie’s last post on Facebook on Saturday 12 December at 11.22 a.m. was:

“I am going to take time out now and enjoy the build-up to Christmas. The post below [Christmas with Friends 2015] is my priority. (I will as always be available on other matters for anyone whom I can help)”.

Little did he suspect that only three days later he would be cruelly knocked down and very seriously injured as he walked home on Tuesday and that he would no longer be with his family or friends by Friday evening.

We often say that one’s death casts a huge shadow over a whole community: this is particularly true in Willie’s case. He was an outstanding community person as exemplified in his massive and most generous contribution to life in Newbridge and surrounding areas.

The following are but a few of his many accomplishments in recent times:

  • Giving of his excellent organisational and administrative skills and abilities in leading the response to the Millfield Manor Estate fire in April 2015
  • His leadership in taking on the huge task of tackling the fallout from the closure of Newbridge Credit Union and his efforts to re-establish a credit union in the town
  • The Christmas lights project which he led, making the town so much brighter since the lights were switched on in early December
  • Overseeing the installation of art and sculpture items in George’s St, a project which was first mooted nearly 20 years ago – ever before he came to live here
  • His enthusiasm for any project which would be of benefit to our town and our community


Willie 5

Willie played a huge part in the research and writing of the Moorefield GAA History which was published in December 2014. As well as unearthing numerous gems of historic, social and cultural information, he penned the play which set the scene for the launch of the history. While on holiday in Croatia in August 2014, his wife, Claire, noticed one day he had become very quiet. When she enquired about this, Willie said “I am writing a play in my head.” This was the genesis of a dramatic presentation we witnessed and enjoyed at the launch a few months later of

Moorefield GAA – Our Club, Our Town, 1884-2014

His journalistic background and his search for any little nugget of information which would enhance the publication added immensely to the history of the town as well as of the club. His attention to detail and his willingness to track down people and personalities associated with Moorefield was inspiring and ensured that their role in the club would be recorded for the enjoyment of future generations.

It is seldom that the death of someone we all knew and loved had such an impact on a wide variety of organisations – political, sporting, economic, social and cultural. He was as much at home with business people as with poor and deprived people: and for these he often secured B & B at a late hour or took them into his own home. His true Christian spirit was evident in lifestyle, his outlook on life and in his generous spirit.

May Willie rest in peace and may his wish for Christmas with Friends, Christmas with a difference be, for him, at the great heavenly table, with “a feast of rich food which the Lord Almighty will prepare for all peoples, a banquet of aged wine – the best of meats and the finest of wines.” (Isaiah)