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Team 10 of the Broadway Challenge will be captained by Philie Wolfe. 

2 Under 21 titles, 8 Senior Leagues, 7 Senior Championships, 1 Leinster Club Championship and now he hopes to add the Broadway Challenge Title to his impressive CV. Philie was involved in the local variety shows for many years and was also involved in the Moorefield Full Monty Show, he’s looking forward to getting back on stage for the Broadway Challenge. 

Philie has appointed Tammy Browne as his vice-captain of the team. Tammy is no stranger to the stage, she has been involved in music all her life and has been heavily involved in local shows over the years. She is one of Newbridge’s most famed singers; she got to the live shows of the voice of Ireland and was also a Eurosong finalist. She is a huge hit on stage and we reckon Philie has pulled an ace card getting her involved in his Team 🍀


Team 9 of the Broadway Challenge will be captained by Mark Murnaghan.

Mark was involved in the Full Monty Show for Moorefield in 2014 so has some experience when it comes to dancing. He’s looking forward to taken on this new challenge -the Ladies football team will be doing dancing drills instead of football drills in training over the next 6 weeks!!!

Mark has called upon his work colleague Niall Hurley Lynch to take on the role as vice-captain of the team. Niall was also involved in the Full Monty Show and is looking forward to getting back on stage for Moorefield. 

For anyone that follows the two lads on snapchat….It’s obvious how hard they work from Monday to Friday and take their job very seriously so no doubt they’ll do the same for the Broadway Challenge over the next 6 weeks!!!


Team 8 of the Broadway Challenge will be captained by Sereina Donnelly.

Sereina has a vast amount of experience when it comes to the stage. A past pupil of Billie Barrys, she was involved in variety shows and the Newbridge Pantomime as a child. She represented the club in the Kildare Strictly Come Dancing in 2014 and also took part in the Allenwood/Strictly come dancing in March. 

Sereina has chosen her Strictly Come Dancing partner Warren Kelly as her vice-captain. Warren also has good experience when it comes to dancing having took part in a number of Strictly Come Dancing shows….we know he can dance now we just have to wait and see can he sing!


Team 7 of the Broadway Challenge will be captained by Dominic Corrigan.

Originally from Roscommon, Dominic got involved in Moorefield when he moved to Newbridge a few years ago. He has been a fantastic worker for the club since he got involved and his passion for hurling has hugely benefited the club with our numbers growing continuously at underage. It’s time for Dominic to put away the hurl for the next few weeks so he can concentrate on his dance moves.

Dominic has chosen Maria Nugent as his vice captain for the team. Maria is the smiling face behind the catering team in Hawkfield for the Kildare GAA team. She is looking forward to facing a new challenge outside the kitchen🍀


Team 6 of the Broadway Challenge will be captained by Sheena O’Brien.

Sheena plays on the Ladies football team and Camogie team. She has a huge amount of experience when it comes to the stage having starred in the Newbridge pantomime for many years. She took part in the Kildare Broadway Challenge in December and is really looking forward to getting involved in the clubs main fundraiser this year.

Sheena has chosen her panto team mate Gerry O’Toole as her vice-captain. Gerry has been a huge Moorefield supporter all his life and was also involved with the Senior team as kit man for many years. Gerry has been involved with the Newbridge Pantomime over the last few years and also took part in the Kildare Broadway Challenge.

We reckon Moorefield’s King and Queen of Panto could be the team to beat in the Broadway Challenge 🍀


Team 5 of the Broadway Challenge will be captained by Senior footballer Dave Whyte and he has chosen 2015 Ladies Football Championship winning captain Amber Masterson as his vice captain.

Both Dave and Amber have always excelled on the playing field but now it’s time for them to put away the football boots and get their dancing shoes on for the next 6 weeks.

Dave has lots of experience when it comes to dancing having previously starred in Variety Shows, the Kildare Broadway Challenge and the famous Moorefield Full Monty Show (star of the show). He hopes this experience will help him and his team beat Moorzey’s team in the challenge.

Amber has admitted she’s totally out of her comfort zone by taking part in the challenge but we have no doubt she’ll pick up the dance moves easily and we have also been informed by an anonymous friend that she has the voice of an angel 🙂 


Seamus Murray is delighted to be captaining team 4 of the Broadway Challenge on Saturday 4th of June.

Seamus has played and coached at all levels in the club and always likes to get involved in club events. He took part in our boxing event back in 2012 and is now looking forward to the Broadway challenge. Lets hope his singing and dancing is better than his boxing😅

Mick O’Neill has taken on the role as vice-captain. We’ve found it hard to get information on the Clare mans experience when it comes to sining and dancing but we’ve been told he could be the dark horse of the competition….time will tell🍀


Over the last few days there has been hours of discussions about who would get the honour of captaining team 3 for the Broadway Challenge. Unfortunately we could not get the two parties to agree so our joint captains of team 3 are Ryan Moore and Eoin O’Connor.

Eoin is a member of our senior panel and works in reiss he recently passed his driving test and has a quick eye when it comes to selling suits so don’t be afraid to approach him for discount.

Ryan Moorzey Moore is a also Moorefield senior player and is a member of the defence forces, known to wear bold clothes but feels that he pulls them off. He’s still to attempt his driving test.

The boys are really looking forward to their new challenge over the next few weeks 🍀


We are delighted to announce Theresa Collins as our second captain of the Moorefield Broadway Challenge. Our Club Treasurer will represent the Executive Committee and is looking forward to putting on her dancing shoes for the for the challenge.

Theresa has chosen Vice-Chairperson Stuart Conaty as her vice-captain of the team. We are not sure how much experience Stuart has when it comes to dancing but we do believe he is well able to belt out a song or two 🍀


We are delighted to announce Moorefield’s Seamus ‘Sos’ Dowling as our first captain of the Moorefield Broadway Challenge.
Over the years Sos has played a huge role in the club as a footballer, a coach and a supporter. He has played a big part in many of our championship wins over the years as a player and a coach and he is now looking forward to this new challenge for Moorefield.

Sos has chosen his daughter Jane as his vice captain of the team, Jane has many years experience when it comes to singing and dancing. We have a feeling when it comes to the Broadway Challenge it won’t be Sos that will be doing the coaching, it will be Jane 🍀

Broadway takes place on Saturday 4th of June….save the date!!