Players Profile – Tom Kinsella

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Thanks to Senior Goalkeeper  Tom Kinsella for taking part in our latest players profile. 
We would like to wish Tom and the Senior team the best of luck in the Senior Championship final this Sunday.
Moorefield -v- Sarsfields
Venue: St. Conleths Park
Sunday 16th October, 3.30pm 
“Nothing beats being there”


Name: Tom Kinsella

Date of birth: 22/08/1994

Height: 6ft 4″

Position:  Goalkeeper 

Position you would like to play? Corner Forward seems easy 

Biggest influence on your football career? My parents and Gerry Moran “follow through with the laces”

Best advice someone has given you? “Everyday is a school day” 

Can you remember your first time playing with the Moorefield Senior team? 2013 league final against Confey not a bad debut to make! 

What’s the most enjoyable day you have had in a Moorefield jersey? Everyday is enjoyable when you wear a Moorefield jersey but the 2013 final winning my first championship is hard bet 

Who did you look up to at the club when you were younger? Paddy Murray, he had a wand of a left foot 

Best grounds you’ve played in? O’Connor Park, Tullamore  

Best player you’ve played with? Ronan Sweeney is the King 

Best player you’ve played against? Paddy McBrearty  


Sporting hero: Have to go with the goalkeepers union and say Stephen Cluxton 

Career high: 2013 Championship 

Career low: 2015 Championship 


Getting to know your Team-Mates

 Who’s your best friend on the team? Me and Liam Healy go back a long time and also share a birthday 

Who’s the quickest? I’m not sure I do be too far behind to see that far, think the Callaghan’s are quick enough 

Who’s the Joker/Messer of the team? Eoin O’Connor and Adam Tyrell are a deadly duo 

Who’s the most skilful? Ciaran Kelly could play for Barcelona with some of the step overs he does 

Who’s the best trainer? Wayne Middleton is the only one we have 

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team? Nobody comes to mind for this one which isn’t a bad complaint to have 

Who is the best dancer? I like to think I’m good 

Who is the worst dancer? I think I also take this one it’s a bit hit and miss with me, however Eoin O’Connor at the Broadway was septic 

Who’s the worst dress sense? Few adventurous people on the team like the time Houlie wore a flower shirt think he watched too much Narcos and thought he was Pablo Escobar and Ryan Moore wears things that would be too tight for Freddy Mercury 

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet?? Don’t think Kenny has any pets