Captain’s Profile- Samantha Cullen

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Best of luck to our minor ladies team in the championship final today. The ladies take on Eadestown at 3.30pm in Hawkfield. All support welcome!

Thanks to captain Samantha Cullen for taking part in our latest team mates.

Samantha Cullen

Name: Samantha Cullen

Date of birth: 07/01/98

Height:5ft4 I think don’t know

Position: full forward

iMNDA Walk

Position you would like to play: corner forward but would play anywhere if needed  

 Favourite club player: Roli Sweeney

Favourite county player: Aiden O Shea

Biggest influence on your football career: My daddy

Best advice someone has given you: if you do the simple things right you will win


Best grounds you’ve played in: Cretty Yard county Laois

Best player you’ve played with: Ash Curley ,she is a brilliant player.

Best player you’ve played against: at minor level Ciara Egan and Amy Fitzpatrick

Sporting hero: Johnny Doyle

 Referee Samatha and Ciara Eoghan (2)

Career high: winning the championship final against Na Fianna with Moorefield seniors in 2015



Career low: losing the Leinster semi final in 2015


 Getting to know your Team-Mates

 Who’s your best friend on the team? Don’t have one because I get on with everybody


Who’s the tough nut of the team? Kate Hannon

Who’s the quickest? Ciara Regan and Sarah Murray

Who’s the Joker/Messer of the team? Definitely Ciara Regan

Who’s the most skilful? Kayleigh Humpries


Who’s the best trainer? Everybody trains well because they have no choice

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team? Kayleigh Humpries over the past while

Who’s the biggest whinger on the team? Jordanna haha

 Who’s the worst dress sense? Leah Delaney haha

Who’s the newest member to the team? Alannah Burke

 Who’s the laziest trainer? Kate Hamilton ha

Funniest nickname on the team? Me with Sazzy Sam

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet?? Has to be me I do everything asked

 Minor ladies