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Our Club history book Moorefield GAA Club – Our Club, Our Town 1884- 2014 is half price! Books can be purchased from the club shop.

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Great night at our history book launch! A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for this special occasion.
Well done to the committee for all of their hard work in researching the publication. Thank you to Cian O’Neill who officially launched the book and to Marty Morrissey who was MC on the night.
The scene was set with a short drama – well done Padraigh, Gerry, Carol, Peter, Kieran and our senior footballers!
Books are now on sale from the club shop…. it’s not to be missed! 

Book Launch…

Moorefield GAA Club – Our Club, Our Town 1884- 2014

MC- Marty Morrissey

Guest Speaker- Cian O’Neill

Wine Reception @ 6.30pm

Official Launch@ 8pm 

Friday 5th December


I have pored over and read as much as I could of your extraordinarily well researched and well told story of Moorefield as I have been able to over the weekend and I humbly offer the following review:


“ Stunning in scope and compelling in detail, this history of Moorefield GAA club presents the proud record of a club and its community over a span of three centuries. The story of Moorefield GAA is the story of nationalist Ireland … read and be proud,” Liam Kenny, Leinster Leader Historian 


I offer the above with a strong feeling of inadequacy – your book has managed to achieve what the most professional historians find all but impossible — how to present 570 pages of detail and yet keep the reader engaged to the very last sentence. 


This book will make an impact among historians of Irish sport and culture at national level not to mind its guaranteed enthusiastic reception at county and local levels. 


Thank you for asking me to make this contribution. 


Liam Kenny 

Thank you to Eugene McGee, Irish Independent Columnist for his review….

“A GAA club without a written history is like a man with no clothes, tolerable but lacking something substantial. With this history Moorefield Club now is well and truly dressed and ready to further adorn its already outstanding contribution to the GAA in Kildare since 1884.”

“A history of a great club from humble beginnings to county and provincial kings; Moorefield, what the GAA is all about.”

Tommy Callaghan, Sports Editor, Leinster Leader

“This is an outstanding record of the growth and development of Moorefield Club, and of its place in the

town of Newbridge. It is an immense contribution to GAA literature.”

Liam O Neill, GAA President


To Moorefield Members and Supporters


        Moorefield GAA – Our Club, Our Town: 1884-2014 

A very comprehensive history of the Moorefield GAA Club entitled

Moorefield GAA – Our Club, Our Town: 1884-2014

will be launched on Friday 5th December.

The book will reveal numerous facts not generally known about the famous club, e.g.:


  • How the idea of founding a GAA club came about, and a meeting to form a playing panel
  • How the first playing field was prepared and laid out
  • The decision on the club’s first official colours (not green and white) on 11 March 1888
  • Accounts of earliest reported matches in Newbridge
  • Moorefield’s unique record in first Kildare county championship in 1888
  • The move to Roseberry of five Moorefield players who would win 1905 All-Ireland medals (in 1907)


Among the accounts of social and cultural developments in Newbridge include:


  • The influence of the British army and the social and economic consequences of their withdrawal,
  • The arrival of Newbridge Cutlery and Irish Ropes to create employment in the 1930s and
  • Social life in the 1950s.


The Moorefield – Sarsfields rivalry comes across very strongly in many chapters of the book, and you can discover how both clubs ended up in court on one occasion!


Moorefield progress in football, hurling, camogie, and ladies football is recorded with a list of ‘Titles, Teams and Tallies’ and some excellent photographs. The development of club facilities is traced from the early days to the opening of the refurbished clubhouse in Pollardstown in May 2013.

It is a wonderful record of the deeds of the famous players who brought honour and glory to Moorefield, and of the contribution of generations of Moorefield people who stayed with the club through thirteen decades, in good and not so good times.

This history of over 500 pages, in full colour, will be available as a special option in a limited, numbered hardback edition, with a certificate of purchase, at a cost of €50. It will also be available in softback at €30 per copy.

It is a must-have book for every person who is interested in, or who has played a part in the Moorefield Club. Copies of Moorefield GAA – Our Club, Our Town can be ordered IN ADVANCE on the attached form.






 HARDBACK @ €50 each

 SOFTBACK @ €30 each


email: moorefieldcamogie@gamil.com


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