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Deckie Dooley, Senior B Reserve Captain


Thanks to our Senior B Reserve Captain, Declan Dooley for taking part in our latest feature. The Senior B Reserve team play their championship final tomorrow.

Moorefield vs Eadestown

Venue: Hawkfield, 5.30pm

Best of luck to the team and management. 




Name: Declan Dooley

Date of birth: 09/03/1987

Height: 5 10

Position: Midfield

What age did you start playing for Moorefield? 5 or 6, cant remember exactly.

Jack Higgins 2016

Position you would like to play? I’m happy with midfield, been a back all my life so it’s a nice change

Biggest influence on your football career? I suppose it’s the club itself, it’s a big club that wins, how could you not want to be a part of that?

Best advice someone has given you? Don’t eat yellow snow.

What’s the most enjoyable day you have had in a Moorefield jersey? Being part of the 2007 senior panel that beat Sarsfields in the county final

Who did you look up to at the club when you were younger? Sos Dowling, as he was part of the 1998 Leinster winning Kildare Team

Best grounds you’ve played in? Togged out in a few good grounds around Leinster with the Snr team but never actually played in them. St Conleth’s Park is probably the best I have actually played in.

Senior B 2012

Best player you’ve played with? Probably Paddy Murray or Ronan Sweeney. Growing up, Ciarán Kelly & Ian Lonergan were the best players I’ve played with.

Best player you’ve played against? Marked Eddie McCormack once. He destroyed me.

Sporting hero: No one player in particular, really looked up to the 1998 Kildare Team when I was younger.

Career high: Beating Sarfields in a county final

Career low: Losing to Sarsfields in a county final



Declan on the Moorefield Senior Team



Who’s your best friend on the team? Goal scoring/conceding machine Steve Doyle, even tough he’s only really joining us for the final. Hasn’t been seen since he scored two goals against Kilcullen!

Toughest player on the team? Dean Carr is pretty tough, always gets stuck in at training.

Who’s the quickest? Martin Curran, hes always setting the pace in training

Who’s the Joker/Messer of the team? It’s the Junior team…. they’re all messers.

Senior B Reserve 2014


Who’s the most skilful? Mark Wolfe

Who’s the best trainer? Probably me

County Champions


Who’s the worst time keeper on the team? I’m not the best. It’s not my fault though, I blame the traffic on the M50.

Who’s the oldest on the team? Either Darren Conlon or JP Mcdonagh, not sure who’s older. I’m probably next in line.

Who’s the youngest on the team? One of the minor lads who just joined the panel. Not sure which one is the youngest.

Who is the best dancer? Me of course, I’m deadly at everything

Who is the worst dancer? We’ll find out Saturday night

Who’s the worst dress sense? Aaron Devine turns up to training in a wife beater and socks up to his knees, one Red, one Green, speaks for itself.

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet?? No one person springs to mind.