Fionn Mac Cumhaill

Moorefield in the News & Views, November Edition.



News and Views

Fionn Mac Cumhaill, with his back to the old Moorefield pitch near an isolated
pillbox on The Curragh, is facing north towards Moorefield’s new grounds and
clubhouse at Pollardstown and to the Hill of Allen where he earned his hunter-
warrior status. He and his hounds guard the approach to the Curragh Camp
and the Defence Forces Training Centre.
Since mid-October the legendary warrior of old has been wearing the green
and white jersey of Moorefield while holding a club flag on his sword above his
head. Just like Moorefield, his shield is lowered in readiness to defend his
honour ahead of the next contest.
Like Fionn, Moorefield footballers stand tall in their quest for victory: they too
are warriors, worthy Kildare and Leinster champions, ambitious for ultimate
glory and, like the Spartans of Grecian times, are willing to put in heroic efforts
to ‘Come home with the shield or on it’.
Congratulations to Moorefield on the club’s ninth county title from 12 finals
since 2000.

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