Míle buíochas

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Published on April 24, 2019 with

I want to express my thanks and appreciation for the numerous messages and good wishes on my appointment as Moorefield Club President. Míle buíochas do gach duine.

It is a huge honour in a wonderful club of which I am very happy to be a member since 1978.

I am greatly privileged, especially when I consider the people who have been President since the position was inaugurated in 1948. Bernard Galligan, James Murray, Andy Moore, Peter Behan, William Behan and Edward Grace were the first six up to 1983. Then came six I have known – Seán O’Brien, John Joe Murray, Alex Whelan, John Cummins, Helen Durney and Tom McDonnell, all of whom made enormous contributions to Moorefield.   

When I was leaving Clane in 1977 I asked Hugh Campion, County Chairperson, for his advice on which club I should join. He pointed me to Moorefield – but what he didn’t tell me was that his son was married to Theresa Collins’s sister! And that began my allegiance to The Moores at a time when we had no grounds and a debate was beginning about selling the clubhouse on Moorefield Road and buying a greenfield site. Since the move to Pollardstown, our journey has been onwards and upwards. Long may it continue.