Skills Challenge


Check this skill out.
It may have taken many attempts but if at first you don’t succeed… try, try and try again!
Well done Gavin.
Anyone else want to try?

Video- Gavin Mc Donnell

Well done to our Mighty Moores who are using their time off from school wisely and continuing to improve their skills.

Remember to limit the time that our children are mixing with others!

Calling our Underage Footballers!

To help you stay active over the coming weeks we are setting you a skills challenge that you can complete in your back garden. Show us how you are getting on by posting your pictures or videos below. You can also tag us in your stories.

Day 1: First up we want to see your spectacular solo’s.

Complete 40 on your weaker foot, 50 on your strong foot.

Day 2: It’s time for a new Skills Challenge. Big thank you to Jamie and Charlie for helping to demonstrate today’s skill.-15 high catches in row, extend arms fully over your head to catch the ball
– Your feet must leave the ground while completing catch
– Ensure ball is pulled into your tummy.

Day 3: Today we are focusing on your kicking and target practice. We are also mixing things up a bit by taking you from your back garden, to your driveways or another open space. Who can kick a ball into their car boot?

Day 4: Thank you to Tom Kinsella for demonstrating today’s challenge. How many times can you hit the crossbar? If you don’t have access to a set of goals mark a target on a wall and aim for that instead.

Day 5/ Mother’s Day: We have an extra special Skills Challenge for you today. To celebrate our wonderful Moorefield mammies we’re asking you to head to the garden and see how many hand passes you and your mother can complete in 60 seconds. Make sure you let us know how you get on as the pair with the most hand passes will win a €20 voucher for the club shop.

Day 6: Today we are asking you to get creative and set up your own obstacle course. Send us in the details including pictures of your course and we will pick one as a future challenge.

Day 7: Hang a Jersey from any of the following and hit it: tree, washing line, gate, fence, wall, goalposts.

Best of luck.

Check out our talented players!

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