Underage Hurling and Camogie Skills

Well done to our Mighty Moores who are using their time off from school wisely and continuing to improve their skills. Let us know how you get on. Show us your skills… Tag us on our social media sites Facebook , Twitter , Instagram or email moorefieldpro@gmail.com

Photographs and Videos of Skills

Skill 1: Roll Lift

How many roll lifts can you do in a minute? Here the under-14 camogie team demonstrate. 

Skill 2:  Double Tap

Here we can see Aoibhe showing us how it’s done! How many can you get in 30 seconds?

Skill 3: Back of Bas Taps

Aoife displaying tremendous skill! How many taps can you get?

Skill 4: Wall Tap

Ellie demonstrating that we can practice our focus & refined judgement skills using nothing but a ball and a wall! These skills are not often taught on their own but they are very important in sports! How many wall taps can you do in a row?

Skill 5: Hand Pass

Thanks to Tommy for demonstrating the next skill. How many hand passes can you make in 30 seconds? Use two balls and both hands. 

Skill 6: Toilet Roll Challenge

This week we would like you to try TJ Reid’s toilet roll challenge. All you need is a hurl & toilet roll. See how many times you can roll lift toilet paper in 30 seconds. Send us in your attempts.


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