** Covid19 **

Please read the following information.

▶️ Chairman’s Letter

 ▶️ Guidelines for Parents

 ▶️Guidelines for Players

 ▶️ Guidelines for Coaches

 ▶️ eLearning Module

 ▶️Return to Play Questionnaire

It is essential that all Club Officers, Players/Team Personnel, and the Parents/Guardians of Underage Players read the following information  and complete the eLearning Module and health questionnaire.

The Covid-19 Club Education eLearning Module has been launched to inform club volunteers on the guidelines for the safe return to Gaelic Games. Anyone attending training sessions or games in Club facilities must also take the module to gain an understanding of the Safe Return Guidelines.

Information about the eLearning Module can be found here  ▶️ gaa.ie/eLearningModule 

Information about the Questionnaire can be found here  ▶️ gaa.ie/news/gaa-covid-health-questionnaire


Covid- 19 Update

The GAA have updated their roadmap….

This week:
▶️Open pitches for Adult training next Wednesday, June 24th.
▶️Open for Minor and below from Saturday, June 27th.
▶️Both of the above on a non-contact basis and on the understanding that players and all participants have completed the eLearning module and are following the control measures in place (health questionnaire etc).
▶️On the basis of a maximum of 15 players in a designated area of the field (26 Counties) and 10 players in a designated area of the field (6 Counties).

▶️Coaching numbers for underage teams to be consistent with Code of Behaviour.

From June 29th:
▶️Allow contact training and challenge games for all from Monday, June 29th (26 Counties).
▶️We await guidance from the NI Executive in relation to 6 Counties – non-contact training in the numbers outlined above in the interim.
▶️We also await clarification on what will constitute a close contact versus a casual contact.
▶️Restriction on participants only attending training sessions to be relaxed from June 29th – subject to government specified maximum of 200 people in the ground.
▶️Allow Club Fixtures from Friday July 17th
▶️No change to inter-county dates (Sept 14th for training; competitions to start on Oct 17th as planned).
▶️All control measures for players, coaches and other team personnel (completion of health questionnaire, eLearning education etc) is to remain in place until advised otherwise; dressing rooms to remain closed until July 20th
▶️The Advisory Committee is considering the position in relation to other GAA buildings (such as Club bars that are serving food, Gyms, Handball alleys etc). Guidance will be provided in this context before June 29th.


The slides and video from the Club Briefing webinar on the Safe Return Guidelines to Gaelic Games from Covid-19 are now available.

Well done to all our club members & volunteers who joined the webinar #Moores2020

 Access here: https://t.co/eAxlHxgDok

▶️ Covid-19 Guidelines on Safe Return to Gaelic Games

▶️ GAA Learning  YouTube Channel

▶️ Club Education Programme

▶️Some Covid-19 resources


Joint Media Release from the GAA, An Cumann Camógaíochta and the LGFA‬

‪Covid-19 Update – Safe Return to Gaelic Games‬


** Postive Mental Health Tips from Kildare Sports Partnership **

 Be Active
 Take Notice
 Keep Learning

** Covid-19 GAA Update for Clubs and Counties **

A chairde,

We hope you and your families are well during these unusual and challenging times for the country.

We would like to acknowledge the incredible efforts of so many of our clubs and members in community assistance projects with as many as 90% confirming in our Club Survey that they have been active in one way or another over the last eight weeks in helping those who need it most.

On the games front, the GAA has confirmed that no official on-field activity will resume before July 20 and our facilities will remain closed until that date. We do not expect any inter-county championship games before October 1.

The GAA will issue detailed advice before any return to play, outlining the steps we have to take to facilitate the re-commencement of our training and games, both in terms of physical engagement and around the use of our facilities.

As previously stated, the GAA Player Injury Scheme will remain closed until an official return to activity is confirmed.

In the weeks ahead our County Committees will be devising revised competition schedules for each county for games and activities at all levels and grades and that information will be shared when those arrangements are finalised and we have clarity around the government timelines.

Clubs are reminded that membership and public liability will need to be in place for the return of our activities and are advised to process same in the weeks ahead.

Allowing for the complexities associated with the current situation, the GAA continues to plan for the staging of this year’s Kellogg’s Cúl Camps and will communicate any changes to this approach with our clubs if they arise.

The maintenance of facilities can continue while adhering to the guidelines and as of May 18 construction work on our grounds is also permitted and clubs should liaise with their County Committees on this issue.

The Association has also been asked to urge our club units to promote best practice when it comes to social distancing at funerals while the current restrictions are in place.

In keeping with our approach to date, the Association will continue to liaise with government officials and experts, both north and south, and study their guidelines and advice regarding the resumption of sport.

Finally, our clubs and counties have played an important role in the effort against the pandemic and we thank all of our members for their work in this regard.

We also underline the importance of continuing to adhere to the guidelines to ensure that the country as a whole meets its targets in the coming weeks allowing us to make progress and facilitate a return to games when it is safe to do so.

Your role in this process, and that of your members, is as important as ever.

Go raibh maith agaibh.

Seán Ó hÓráin                   Tomás Ó Riain

Uachtarán                           Ard Stiúrthóir

Numbers When you Need Them During Covid 19 Kildare

COVID-19 Resource Information Pack #StaySafe #StayHome

Shien Your Light- Saturday 12th April 

We encourage our club members and supporters to #ShineYourLight tonight at 9pm to show your support for those affected by COVID-19, for our frontline staff and all our healthcare workers.



Getting through COVID-19 Together

COVID-19 is new & challenging. Everyone’s lives have been affected by the measures introduced to keep everyone safe. The #Together campaign was launched today & offers advice on how to maintain your health & well-being … Click here

** COVID-19 Update **

All sporting events in Ireland have been cancelled until further notice.

A reminder to members to please adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

Let’s pull together by keeping apart #ItsInOurHands


A chairde,

I wish to draw your attention again to our previously issued guidance document of March 20th. We advised you that, until March 29th, games and training were suspended, club gyms were to close, and Player Injury Fund cover was suspended. We subsequently instructed that club bars should also close for the period.

Club Operations

Please be advised that, in line with recent government announcements, these measures and closures are now extended to Sunday April 19 inclusive, at which stage arrangements will be reviewed.

In addition, we are now instructing GAA Clubs to close their facilities completely.

This is to include the use of all pitches and property for recreational purposes, including walking, casual games or gatherings.

Where it is not possible to restrict access please erect signage to the effect that all GAA facilities are closed and all activity suspended.

In order to facilitate an orderly resumption of activities when circumstances permit, Clubs are encouraged to proceed as normal with their membership registration process where practical. Clubs of course should be mindful of the possible changed financial circumstances of members.

Similarly, club lottos may proceed if they are run on an online basis and do not involve wholesale engagement with the public.

Clubs are also advised to refrain from undertaking new capital projects while support funding for this type of work is suspended.

Community Support

As a national / international organisation, we have a part to play in emphasising the need to practice social distancing, as outlined by the authorities.

It is imperative that we exercise extreme caution keeping two metres between people when taking physical exercise while encouraging people to consider using off-peak times when they are less likely to meet others.

Attached is the latest messaging from the HSE covering guidelines around volunteering which we advise our clubs to consider as they involve themselves in community-based volunteer efforts.

Individual volunteers are asked to register with Volunteer Ireland (26 Counties) and Volunteer Now (Six Counties).

We would like to thank everyone who has helped the GAA adhere to government guidelines up to this point.

We would also like to assure you that we, and the wider GAA team across our counties and provinces, are working hard to ensure that we are in the best possible position to return to our games when that time comes.

In the meantime, please stay safe, look out for one another and continue to adhere to the instructions of the Government and the Health Authorities at this most challenging time.

Go raibh maith agaibh,

Tomás Ó Riain      Seán Ó hÓráin

Ard Stiúrthóir         Uachtarán


No one is allowed on club grounds for any type of training or gym work. The Club Shop will also be closed until further notice. 

Let’s pull together by keeping apart #FlattenTheCurve #ItsInOurHands

A reminder to everyone to please adhere to the social distancing guidelines. Social distancing is an essential part of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

During this time of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, as we are all keeping our social distance, it is important that we look after our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around us.

These tips aim to support you in doing just that ⬇️

** Please adhere to social distancing guidelines **

** Health and Wellbeing during Covid19 **

In this time of uncertainty around the coronavirus (COVID-19), Hauora and its group of expert associates have made this resource to IMPROVE OVERALL WELLBEING in Ireland and internationally. 

“I believe…that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good for another” Thomas Jefferson 

4 step routine for PHYSICAL wellbeing: 1) Cultivate an exercise routine (e.g. preferably with a dose of fresh air or bodyweight exercises) 2) Preserve sleep routine and hygiene (e.g. decrease screen time 30 min prior to bedtime) 3) Maintain healthy eating and adequate hydration (e.g. designate specific mealtimes) 4) Incorporate basic mobility practice (e.g. stretching, yoga – think “Motion is Lotion”) 

4 step routine for MENTAL wellbeing: 1) Assess your thoughts and feelings – check in with yourself regularly (e.g. three focused deep breaths) 2) Learn/teach a new skill and/or hobby (e.g. Coursera, music instrument, sketching) 3) Do a daily “mental exercise” (e.g. journaling, reading, puzzles) 4) Try a mindfulness practice (e.g. Calm® App – Meditation and Mindfulness app – link attached to email) 

4 step routine for SOCIAL wellbeing: 1) Call a friend/colleague instead of meeting (to facilitate social distancing) 2) Consume only reputable social content regarding COVID-19 developments (e.g. @HSELive, Examine.com) 3) Support isolated elderly in your community via daily “check in” phone call and/or online shopping 4) Create a positive neighbourhood “social network” (e.g. WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram; abide by GDPR) 

4 step routine for OCCUPATIONAL wellbeing: 1) Set up appropriate workspace and routine (e.g. dress in work attire, keep tidy, view of nature) 2) Designate specific working hours (e.g. utilise 25 min on/5 min off – “Pomodoro technique”) 3) Resource yourself – use the right software tools to stay connected with colleagues visually 4) Set daily goals or targets to ensure accountability with workload 

*All subject to your personal and professional situation NB Implement action plan with family to monitor absence/presence of symptoms 

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world” Desmond Tutu 

*With special thanks and acknowledgement to the group who helped create this Vince McCarthy, Kristina Moody, Jack Murray and Professor Nicholas Peters 

Please SHARE THIS to help spread the message of wellbeing 

Be Well. Be Present. Be Healthy. 

Knowledge | Passion | Innovation | Honesty | Teamwork 


** Statement: Kildare GAA COVID- 19 Update **

This statement is to make you aware that Kildare GAA are working with the HSE to explore options to promote and coordinate the provision of local community volunteer support, across a potential wide range of areas to ensure our community healthcare systems maintain their function during these challenging times. The HSE anticipate that their Community Services will experience an unprecedented surge in demand in the coming weeks, and capacity will be stretched within our communities in Kildare.

Our GAA clubs exist in every parish across the county and the membership network is a valuable resource that can be of great assistance to the HSE, and other organizations, who deliver vital services during this challenging time. Services that this initiative would be seen to support include Long Stay Nursing Units in Athy and Maynooth, home support services for people of all ages living in their own homes, disabilities services for families, mental health services, general community physio, occupational therapy, public health nursing to mention a few.

In particular, the following skills sets have been identified as part of contingency planning requirements: All Trades men or women (Electrician, Plumber, Carpentry etc ), IT Specialists, Cleaners, Teachers, Special Needs Assistants, Chefs, Caterers, Drivers, Train the Trainers qualified personnel. In addition, retired Military / Gardai and others with a similar background in Crisis Management Operations are being requested for their background and skills in scheduling, mobilisition and coordination tasks that may arise. This is a Whole Community Effort in support of the most vulnerable in our society. HSE will take the lead with this initiative and deliver the necessary training online, via webinar and video-tutorials which will cover procedures for hand hygiene, manual handling, and infection control.

We request that you circulate this within your membership in order to generate awareness of how you can support your respective community. It is anticipated that further dialogue will take place over the next 48hrs between the HSE and Kildare GAA and we will issue further communication at this stage.



Following a meeting this morning it has been decided that ALL GAA, LGFA, Camogie and Hurling has been cancelled until 30th of March at the earliest. Please be mindful of yourself and others at this time and continue to follow health and safety advice at this time.

Following guidance from the HSE all clubs & players are being asked to think about hygiene in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. ALL players are now asked to bring their own water bottles to training & matches. For the time being, the tradition of shaking hands with opponents & match officials pre & post-match games is also temporarily suspended. Thanks for your co-operation.


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