“Away From Home” with Kevin McGee

Kevin with Wife Angela and baby Caomihe


Brief Description of yourself. Any close family, where were you living back home,where are you living now, occupation, Where did you go to school etc.

My name is Kevin McGee. I lived in Morristown now living in Letterkenny, Co.Donegal and work for a Vodafone agent in Letterkenny as a supervisor.

What teams did you play for?

U8, U10, U12, U14, U15, U16 and minor

Any achievements or accomplishments whilst playing for Moorefield?

Minor division 3 league medal (Minor B) Minor championship medal also played u14 and u16 for Kildare.

Any favourite managers/coaches when you were playing?

Seanie Whyte, Gerry Moran, Jimmy Dowling, Seamus Dooley (Tango), Fergus McGee, Dinny Craddock.

Do you have any favourite matches or memorable moments about Moorefield?

in 1997 , the year we won the minor championship was just brilliant I was a sub on the panel but loved every minute of it. It was great to be training with older lads as I was still under 16. I learned a lot that year with Sos training the team with Mono, Pat Flynn, Eoin Murray and Eric McDonnell in the management team. I always enjoyed beating the Sash as well.

Kevin (front row, bottom left). Podge Flynn in his Packie Bonnar jersey(front row, 2nd in on right)


Do you keep up to date with results and news about Moorefield, if so how?

I keep up to date mainly through the leader on the web and on the website would love to see more reports on games as it would give a better idea of who is playing well and a better picture of how the games went.

Do you currently play or support any club where you are based now?

I was playing for St Eunans in Letterkenny here but hung up my boots last year. I only played a handfull of games for the seniors here but played a lot for the junior teams winning two championships and two leagues.

St Eunans GAA, Letterkenny, Donegal


Click here for St Eunans GAA Website





3 things you miss about home?

The Moores, My Friends and chicken america

3 things you don’t miss about home?

Nothing I can think off

Who was your GAA hero growing up?

Sos Dowling and Declan Bonner (Donegal)

With the current economic climate in Ireland, some members of the club might be thinking of emigrating, can you give any advice based on your experiences?

Keep in touch with friends/family and try to keep up to date with how the club are doing sometimes hearing about a good win can give you a lift when you need it.

Finally, any words to send back home to  friends and family?

Hi to everyone who knows me and all the best to the Moores in the future, keep up the good work.

The Mc Gee Family

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