Away From Home with Les Hogan


2002 Championship Final


Brief Description of yourself. Any close family? Where were you living back home? Where are you living now? Occupation? Where did you go to school etc?


Les Hogan, I’m 32 years old originally from lakeside park. Living back in Newbridge are my parents Mary & Andy. I have a twin sister Lynn, an older sister Andre and my older brother Tom who lives in Manchester and 2 nephews Senan & Zack


I live and work in Manhattan, New York


I’m a super for a construction company we do all high rise work i.e doing interior build outs and at the moment we are taking down a 22 story building. I went to school in Scoil Mhuire and the PBS Secondary School in Newbridge.


What teams did you play for?


I think I pretty much played for every team in Moorefield at some stage lol


Any achievements or accomplishments whilst playing for Moorefield?


Well I think I won everything under age except a minor which stands out more than all the underage wins.


I won 2 u21 championships. One of which I was captain for.  Senior b (league champions and Jack Higgins cup winners) all in the 1 year under paddy Collins. That happened in 1995


Senior; well not sure how many leagues we won but when we won it in 96, it was huge at the time as it was the start of the good times.


I won 2 senior championships, first was in 2000. I didn’t play the in the last two games though because after beating St.laurences in ¼ final I got injured. In 2002 I was captain of the team.


Receiving the Dermot Burke Cup, 2002



Any favourite managers/coaches when you were playing?


When it came to coaches for me its Sos and I’m going back to the first time Sos trained us we were u12


Managers, there were so many but Gerry Moran, Noel Golden, Tony Doyle and Peter White stand out.


Do you have any favourite matches or memorable moments about Moorefield?


Most memorable would be in 1995 with Paddy Collins team ,we weren’t supposed to have a chance but still ended up winning.


In 1996 the first leader cup win in many years ,in 2000, the first championship the club won in 40 yrs ,2002 championship I was captain


Also the holiday to Lanzarote after the championship win, which 30 players and 50 supporters went on. What a holiday!!!!!


Do you keep up to date with results and news about Moorefield, if so how?


I try to just by talking to people back home and I’m able to listen to some of the game if there on the radio


Championship Programme 2002

Do you currently play or support any club where you are based now?


I don’t play anymore, I haven’t played since I was 26. I found it very different as in the clubs here don’t really care about the players and I’m not involved in any club I played with St Brendans in Chicago


3 things you miss about home?


Family, the craic!  The yanks just don’t get it lol  Just been able head down the town and knowing u would bump into someone you know. And a good pint of Guinness!!


3 things you don’t miss about home?


Well the weather!!  Everyone knowing your business.. And the weather !!


Who was your GAA hero growing up?


For me it was definitely  SOS,  great player great man


With the current economic climate in Ireland, some members of the club might be thinking of emigrating, can you give any advice based on your experiences?


Get a job straight away and make sure you turn up for work each day .Don’t get to caught up in the drinking partying scene it happens a lot


Finally, any words to send back home to   friends and family?


Just to say ill see everyone soon somewhere have a great and happy Christmas and best of luck to the club in 2012 l`ll be routing for u lot.


Les getting the better of Nuxer Buckley






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