Players Profile – Ronan Sweeney

Players Profile


Ronan Sweeney

Date of Birth:

15/09/19 cough cough 80






Midfield/ Forward

Position You Would Like To Play:

Anywhere from no. 5 to no. 15

Favourite Club Player:

The one sitting in the dressing room with me wearing a green jersey ready to play club championship.

Favourite County Player:

See above and replace with white jersey!

Biggest Influence On Your Football Career:

So many huge influences at different times but the one constant influence is my wife, son & family, even though they probably don’t realise it.

Sos Dowling, Mono & Sean Whyte get special mention for giving me guidance when I was younger and really needed it.

Best advice someone has given you:

(Sporting) There’s always something YOU can be doing for the team, so don’t look to anyone else, and do it!!”

Best Grounds You’ve Played In:

Croke Park

Best Player You’ve Played With:

Again, too many to choose one… Sos, the Ryan’s, the Murrays, Duane, O’Neill, Rainbow, Ryan, Doyle, Earley off the top of my head.

Best Player You’ve Marked:

Dermot Earley

Sporting Hero:

Henrik Larsson….and although I know nothing about NFL, Ray Lewis is a bit of a hero! 

One County Player you’d Like To See Play For Moorefield:

Colm Cooper/ Jamie Clarke

Career High:

Ask me when it’s over…Still chasing that career high!

Career Low:

Our last championship defeat.

Biggest Fear:

Snakes…Still haven’t forgiven a friend who threw his pet one at me 5 years ago


Who’s Your Best Friend on the Team?

I get on well with everyone.

Who’s The Tough Nut of the Team?

There’s a few tough nuts…Lonergans, Dave Whyte, Daryl Flynn, Philie Wolfe but the toughest nut of all is still Kevin O’Neill

Who’s The Quickest?

Liam Callaghan…oh no sorry, I mean Eamon Callaghan!

Who’s The Joker/Messer of the Team?

Daryl Flynn, Niall Hurley Lynch, Alan Melia

Who’s The Most Skilful?

Paddy Murray, Eamon Doyle, Adam Tyrell

Who’s The Most Intelligent?

Football wise – Ross Glavin/ Ian Lonergan… Also…. Tom Corley is never EVER wrong!!

Who’s The Best Trainer?

Moggy loves a bit of training!

Most Consistent?

Podge O’Flynn and Kevin Murnaghan 

Who’s The Worst Time Keeper on the Team?

Liam Callaghan was the king of lateness, not sure about this year!

Who’s The Best Dancer?

Gary Lowe…Sorry Mog!

Who’s The Worst Dancer?

David Whyte (just because he actually practices a dance routine!)

Who’s The Biggest Whinger on the Team?

Few contenders….but Lee Murphy bruises very very easily!!

Who’s The Worst Dress Sense?

Ger Naughton or Derek Hanniffy

 Ronan Sweeney




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