“Team-Mates” with Fionnuala Kelly

Thank you to Fionnuala Kelly for taking part in the “Team Mates” interview.  Fionnuala is the Senior Ladies Football Captain. We would like to wish Fionnuala and the girls the very best of luck in the league final today as they take on Athgarvan.

Moorefield Captain, Fionnuala Kelly

Moorefield Captain, Fionnuala Kelly


Who was your childhood hero?

Bosco- despite what has been previously written. Sorry Roli!

Fionnuala and Dearbháil

Fionnuala and Dearbháil

Who’s your best friend on the team?  

Dearbháil Kelly. We spend enough time together anyway.

Who’s the tough nut of the team? 
It was Sarah Bell (we miss you!) but now Sheena O’Brien. Even if she bruises like a peach.  

Who’s the quickest? 
There are a few I try to avoid marking at training. Shauna Doyle, Aisling Curley or Ciara Bruce are all speedy.

Who’s the Joker/Messer of the team? 
Clodagh Cummins- although I think she just does it to annoy me! Hannah Quirke too 🙂

Who’s the most skillful? 
Dearbháil Kelly. She learnt it all from her big brother and sister!

Who’s the most intelligent? 
Ciara Conaty. Or Sheena O’Brien- all primary school teachers are very intelligent 😉

Who’s the least intelligent?

Rowena Hurley Lynch after her latest visit to A & E. I didn’t think people would go to such lengths to miss training.

Who’s the best trainer?

Niamh Mc Mullen… She just went travelling and came back as if she was never away.

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team? 
Éadaoin and Clodagh Cummins.

The Curleys as a whole- they try confuse us with who turns up training. Dearbháil and myself are just on the button but I blame Frances. Laura Hannon too. Poor Warren has a hard time with us!

Who is the best dancer? 
Aisling Murray and Emma Curley were doing great dancing at the Beach Party.

Who’s the best player you have played with? 
Shauna Murray Doyle is excellent and I know opposition hate when they see her coming. (Thank God she’s a Moorefield girl!) Niamh Doyle is one of the best keepers I’ve ever seen. We have a very talented team- I could keep naming… 

Ladies Team 2013

Ladies Team 2013


Who’s the biggest whinger on the team? 
Ciara Conaty, even when her dad isn’t the trainer.

Who’s the quietest?

From the outside Lorraine Mc Sorley and Ciara Bruce look quiet but I don’t believe it for a second. Ciara Cusick didn’t speak to me for about a year. I refused to drop her home after a match until she spoke to me… that did it then!

Ladies football C Cusick 2013


Who’s the worst dress sense? 
Ciara Bruce shocks me when she wears tracksuit bottoms training in the heat. We all scrub up well when we aren’t playing football!

Who gets  most nervous on the big days?

Definitely Amber Masterson.  Sheena and Ciara Conaty often look quite unwell too!

Mick and FionnualaWho’s the biggest poser? 
There will be lots of fake tan on the pitch today!

Funniest nickname on the team? 
Michelle and Aisling Curley are just know as the ‘girl’ with red hair. 


Who spends the longest getting ready after training/match? 
Ciara Conaty.. she never stops talking. Poor Catherine has to wait all night to drag her home! Where as Rachel Mc Namara likes to escape before the team talk is even over.

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet??

Paddy Butler is definitely Warren’s favourite… he was very lonely when he went away with the army.

Clem, Frances, Warren and Paddy

Clem, Frances, Warren and Paddy

Junior Leinster Final 2011

Junior Leinster Final


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