Kildare Manager Jim Mc Mullen

Congratulations on reaching the all Ireland final Jimmy, as a club, we congratulate you on managing the team and wish you all the best for this Sunday’s final.

How are preparations coming along for the big day?

They’re going very well. Just doing light sessions at the moment with lots of ball work. In the last few weeks there has been no contact really for fear of injury.

Any injury doubts?

No, no injury worries.

How’s the mood in the camp?

It’s great, very positive. 

Kildare have played Laois two times already in the championship, beating them in the Leinster final and losing to them in the group stages. Have you learned much about Laois in those two games?

Absolutely. I think we have learned a lot more than they have. Laois played to their full potential the day of the group stages. We have some new additions to the team that Laois haven’t seen.

The team had a fantastic win in the semi final against a strong Down team, that must have given the girls great confidence coming into this final?

It was probably our best performance of the year. We scored 5-10 from play. Siobhan Hurley hasn’t missed a free and only had one scoring chance that day. It was a great team performance. 

What advice will you give to the team before they run out in Croke Park in what will be the biggest game of their career ?

At this stage very little. They have the talent and they need to express it on the day. I have nothing new to say, just show off all of their skill and talent.

Within the current crop of players that you have, what are their strengths?

The girls self confidence is growing. Our tackling is a huge strength and the intensity the girls have brought to the table in the last few games has been outstanding. The last few games have shown this, Down twice and Westmeath.

You have previously been involved with the Kildare Hurling team, do you find any differences (good/bad) in managing the camogie county team?

No comment! 

Finally, for those who haven’t seen this team in action, what can we expect  this Sunday when we come to Croke Park to support the lilies??

This team are great to watch. Their skill is excellent. Serious fitness and ball striking. They are an exciting team and I think will make the jump to intermediate quickly. We played Division 2 League and lost out in the final to Limerick. Most of those teams are in the intermediate championship.  


Thank you Jimmy for taking part in this interview. Again we wish you, the team and back room staff all the best for Sunday’s final. We are sure that your late mother, Mary Mc Mullen, who was a staunch supporter of camoige within the county and in Moorefield, will be looking down and cheering you on..

Cill Dara Abu

Croke Park

Sunday 15th September

12 noon


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