Player’s Profile – Philie Wolfe

Thanks to Senior Footballer Philie Wolfe for taking part in our latest interview all the way from Syria.
Philie sends his best wishes to his team-mates this Sunday in the Senior Championship Final
Moorefield -v- Sarsfields
St. Conleths Park
Sunday 19th, 4.15pm
“Nothing Beats Being There”



Philie Wolfe

Date of birth: 24-06-83

Height: 180 cms

Position: Anywhere at this stage!!

Position you would like to play?

Love an odd game at centre forward directing proceedings.

Best club player to play with?

How does a man choose between Sos Dowling, Kenny Duane, Paddy Murray, Ross Glavin or Roli??

philie 2

Biggest influence on your football career?

Daddy and Mammy Wolfe

philie 1

Best advice someone has given you?

Don’t eat yellow snow!!

Can you remember your first time playing with the Moorefield Senior team?

96 vs Athy, it was the same night as Martin Murrays 40th

What’s the most enjoyable day you have had in a Moorefield jersey?

Leinster club final 2006 vs Rhode is definitely up there with my other 6 senior championships 🙂

Who did you look up to at the club when you were younger?

Any one taller than me!

Best grounds you’ve played in?

Croker (under lights) for the Defence forces

Best player you’ve played with?

Paul Mcloughlin from Clane he was some talent, played with him for the Defence Forces.

Best player you’ve played against?

The Gooch all day long.

Sporting hero: Kenny Dalglish

Career high: Both all-Ireland club semi-finals.

Career low:

Getting sent off before a league game started a couple of year’s back (we still won it though)

Getting to know your Team-Mates

Philie Wolfe

Who’s your best friend on the team?

The two Hanniffys, Frank & Derek

Toughest player to play with?

James Lonergan isn’t too far behind Daryl Flynn for this award. Great to have them both on your side.

Who’s the quickest?

Ryan Houlihan and that’s with 2 dodgy hammers

Who’s the Joker/Messer of the team?

Toss-up between Niall Hurley Lynch & Mark Murnaghan, a lethal combination.

Who’s the most skilful?

Roli has got to be up their especially for a man of his age.

Who’s the best trainer?

Kevin Murnaghan is a great man to train, gives 100% time and time again.

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team?

Little Cally (that’s Liam by the way)

Who is the best dancer?

Frankie has been known to do a bit of Irish dancing on a night out.

Who is the worst dancer?

Tom Kinsella, he’s like Bambi on ice.

Who’s the biggest whinger on the team?

Cian o Connor hands down, even when he’s wrong he’s right.

Who’s the worst dress sense?

Both the Kerry boys think they might dress in the dark.

Who’s the laziest trainer?

Both goalkeepers are not too fond of the oul running but still a long way behind the Glav.

Longest in the shower?

Adam Tyrell for sure, spends ages in there 😉

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet??

Between about 6 of them but I’d have to say Podge!!

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