Interview with Ladies Captain, Shauna Doyle

With the upcoming Ladies Intermediate Final taking place tomorrow, Saturday 2nd September, we talk to Shauna Doyle who will captain the team in Hawkfield. Throw in is at the earlier time of 2.30pm. The ladies team have already secured the Division 2 League title and will be playing Division 1 in the league next year. Last year, the ladies lost to Monasterevin in the Championship Final and they hope that their experience will get them over the line this year! Best of luck to the team and management of Mick Masterson, Paul Dempsey, Geraldine Behan and Seamus Fingleton.


Shauna with our Mini Moore Caoimhe

What position do you play in? Full Back. I’ve been there for about 6 years.

What position you would like to play? Out in the half back line but I don’t think I’ll ever leave full back! Don’t have the legs anymore.

What age did you start playing for Moorefield? I started playing when I was 7, up in Scoil Mhuire. My dad used to bring me and my sister up every Saturday. It’s where I first met the Curleys… the other twins!

Managers: My first manager was Frances Kelly…  At underage level also Skin Brogan, Brian Cornally and my dad.


Biggest influence on your football career? Daddy Doyle- He was there from the start. Always driving us up… even though we didn’t always agree with each other he would always be there supporting us on the sideline..well whenever he didn’t get a red card. He made me the player I am today and I’m so grateful. He thought me how to be positive, committed and a good time keeper…. it’s a shame about my twin though!

2010 Final

Best advice someone has given you? Planning and preparation prevents poor performance. Being organised gets you focused on what needs to be done, which also applies to football. If you’re not prepared mentally and physically for a game you’re not going to perform.

What’s the most enjoyable day you have had in a Moorefield jersey? Probably winning the championship against Na Fianna. Although the 2009 championship against Sarsfields was one of the hardest matches I’ve ever played. It was the foundations of our team now and looking back on what we’ve achieved. Junior E and now an Intermediate championship on Saturday. To be part of the history of developing from Junior E to hopefully senior over the years is amazing. 

Moorefield vs Sarsfields Championship Winners, 2009

Who did you look up to at the club when you were younger? My brother Steve, I saw him winning a Leinster Championship in 2006 and I wanted to do the same. I’d never tell him that!

Best grounds you’ve played in? I played in Queens with Dundalk IT… it has great facilities in the complex. Also Parnell’s GAA.

Best player you’ve played with? Carla Rowe from Dublin Ladies. In college our ladies team played against the men’s team and she gave them a roasting!

Shauna playing for Dundalk IT

Best player you’ve played against? Lyndsey Davies also from Dublin Ladies. Her pace and skill is immense.

Moorefield vs Leixlip


How do you feel being a dual player? It’s very tough, especially at certain times in the year. You always want to give 100%. Giving full commitment to two teams is tough, especially when matches are being played one after another. When back matches must be played you could have 2 or 3 games in a row. The love of both teams drives you on though.


Any advice for our younger players? If you’re going to commit to something commit to it fully. You’ll get the most benefit out of it. I never started on our primary school team as they thought I wasn’t good enough and I set out a goal to prove them wrong. If this set back hadn’t happened then I probably wouldn’t have been as driven as I am now.

What rules would you like to change in LGFA? I think we should adapt the same card rules as the men. In ladies football a yellow card is a sin bin for 10 minutes. Where as in the men’s you get a warning. It could just be an unfortunate tackle that’s classed as a cynical foul and you’re out for 10 minutes of the game which could be a massive turning point.

How do you prepare on a match day? On a week day I always prepare my lunch the night before to make sure I’ve enough energy for the match. I don’t change my diet at all. Usually I eat porridge before training. On match day I eat 2-3 hours before throw in and I have a small snack just before. Oatcakes and peanut butter or brown rice/ pasta .. a slow releasing energy. I try to keep hydrated throughout the day as well. And stay away from the chocolates.. which is really hard!

What Facilities would you like to see in Moorefield? I’d love to see a hurling wall. Even when the pitches aren’t playable it’d be great to go up and get your 20 minutes in. It really improves your hand eye co-ordination.

What do you think is the strongest element of the teams play? As a back, our off the shoulder running and support play is really strong. We’re a close knit line and we work really well together and don’t leave people isolated. We’re actually really good friends and you’re willing to work for the person beside you and I think that’s why we work so well together.

Let’s get to know the Moorefield Ladies Football Team….

The Doyles

Who’s your best friend on the team?
If I don’t say Niamh she’d kill me. Niamh is always there when I need her and she always tells it how it is even if I don’t like to hear it !

The Tough Nut…
Hannah Quirke is the toughest. We do have a bit of a battle in training when she’s in full forward!

The Quickest…
Hands down Aisling Curley. I don’t envy the girl who has to mark her on Saturday!

The Joker…..
Seamus Fingleton ….I don’t think I have to say why !

The most skilful…
Aisling Curley is the must skillful. She makes serious runs and is everywhere on the pitch at once!

The best trainer….
The best trainer is Sue Kavanagh. Her commitment and attendance has been outstanding all year. It’s a missive shame she won’t be togging out with us on Saturday as she is in Australia but she most certainly will be cheering us on from the other side of the world!

The worst time keeper …
It used to be the Curleys but that’s definitely changed to Niamh Doyle.. we’re like chalk and cheese when it comes to punctuality !

The oldest ….
Good auld Sue Kavanagh has taken the post off Fionnuala Kelly this year …I’m sure she will be delighted about that.

The youngest ….
I’m not sure to be honest. There have been a few young girls coming up from the underage this year,but their age hasn’t affected their chances of starting. They are all so skilled and confident on the ball which is very promising for the year to follow. Us older girls better watch ourselves!

The best dancer….
Seamus has some moves!

The worst dancer…
Me! I have no co-ordination whatsoever.

The worst dress sense…
Dearbháil Kelly with her 90’s style tracksuit bottoms

Manager’s pet?…
Amber Masterson … daddy’s girl 😂

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