Captain’s Profile- Clodagh Murphy



Thanks to our Under-15 Camogie Captain, Clodagh Murphy who completed our latest profile. The Under-15 team have reached the final and are playing Naas this Sunday in Eire Óg at 2pm. Best of luck to the team and management! 




Name: Clodagh Murphy

Date of birth? 9/10/02

Position? Half forward

First time you played camogie? When I was 7

First Trainer? Damien Pearson

Favourite Moorefield Player? Fionnuala Kelly and Sheena O Brien

Favourite Kildare player? Clodagh Flanagan from JTB

Teams you play for? U15 and u16 football and camogie and Kildare u16

Best game you ever played in? Kildare u16 Leinster Final

Biggest influence on your life so far? My Mam and Dad

Best advice someone has ever given you? You don’t get what you wish for , you get what you work for

Best ground you have ever played in? Croke Park

Favourite sport? Camogie but I tell my dad football as he’s one of the trainers

Who’s your sporting hero? Conor McGregor

Favourite music/ movie? Ed Sheeran


Under-15 Camogie Team


Tell us about the Under-15 Camogie Team

U-15 trainers? Damien Pearson and Peter Williams

Who’s your best friend on the team? Nicole Quinn

Who’s the tough nut of the team? Lucy Cummins and Sinead Cassidy

At Croke Park

Who’s the quickest? Probably me

Who’s the Joker of the team? Sian Mullins

Awards Night

Who’s the most skilful? Aoife McMullen

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team? Definitely Charlie and Chelsea they’re late to everything

Clodagh and the Horgans

Who’s the best player you have played with? Kaitlyn Miley from Kill ( Kildare team )

Who’s the best player you have played against? Roisin Tobin from Naas

Who’s the newest player on the team? Tara Shelley

Presentation Night

Who’s the top scorer? Me , Sian Mullins and Aoife McMullen

Who’s the manager’s pet? Sian Mullins


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