Captain’s Profile- Phoebe Landy

Thanks to our Under-13 Girls Football captain, Phoebe Landy, for taking part in our latest feature. Our Under-13 team are unbeaten in this year’s competition and will play Ballykelly at 3pm tomorrow in Hawkfield. Best of luck to the team and management in tomorrow’s final!

Phoebe Landy

Name: Phoebe Landy

Date of birth: 30 July 2004

Position: Half centre forward 

First time you played football: Primary school 

First Trainer: Mr Brady primary school teacher 

Favourite Moorefield Player: Isobel Landy 

Teams you play for: Moorefield 

Best game you ever played in: Semi-final against Athy 

Biggest influence on your life so far: My older sisters and brother 

Best advice someone has ever given you: You don’t have to be the best just do your best 

Best ground you have ever played in: Moorefield 

Favourite sport:? Gaelic football 

Who’s your sporting hero? Johnny Sexton

Favourite music/ movie: Ed Sheeran/ The Hunger Games 


The Under-13 Girls Football team for 2017.

Tell us about the finalists! 

Under-13 trainers? Tommy Martin and Aaron Martin 

Who’s your best friend on the team? Holly 

Who’s the tough nut of the team? Kirsty Horgan 

Who’s the quickest? Holly 

Who’s the Joker of the team? Emma Rooney 

Who’s the most skilful? Tara Shelley 

Who’s the best trainer? Player- Ruth Kinsella Trainer- Aaron Martin 

Who’s the best player you have played with? Isobel Landy 

Who’s the newest player on the team? No new players 

Who’s the oldest player on the team? Kayla Mc Carter 

Who’s the top scorer? Ruth, Kirsty and Holly 


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