Newbridge Educate Together- Shaun Hall

Shaun Hall


Thanks to Moorefield’s Shaun Hall, Newbridge Educate Together player, who participated in our third feature of the week.

Shaun and his team will play Killashee in the Under-11 Cumann na mBunscol Final at 5pm today in Moorefield. Best of luck to the team and management.




Moorefield NETNS Team Player Profile

First GAA Trainer? 
Billy Bell
Favourite Moorefield Player? 
Adam Tyrrell
Favourite Kildare player? 
Kevin Murnaghan 
Teams you play for?
Moorefield/NTFC/ St Brigids
Best game you ever played in? 
St Brigids V St Conleths 2017 We Won
Biggest influence on your life so far? 
My Dad
Best advice someone has ever given you? 
Don’t pull out of a tackle
Best ground you have ever played in? 
St Laurences
Favourite sport? 
Gaa Football/Soccer/Basketball
Who’s your sporting hero? 
Ronaldo/Adam Tyrrell
Favourite music/ movie? 
Back to the future



Tell us about Eduacate Together!


Educate Together trainers?
Dan (teacher)
Who’s your best friend on the team?
Brian Mc Carthy
Who’s the tough nut of the team? 
Ben Murray
Who’s the quickest?
Thomas Flynn
Who’s the Joker of the team? 
Brian Mc Carthy
Who’s the most skilful? 
Robert or Thomas Flynn
Who’s the best trainer? (Team mate and manager)
My Dad /Graham Clifford
Who’s the worst time keeper on the team?
Robbie Callaghan
Who’s the best player you have played with? 
Calum Duane /Adam Poole
Who’s the best player you have played against? 
Fionan Galvin
Who’s the newest player on the team?
Who’s the oldest player on the team?
Ben Murray
Who’s the top scorer? (you can write a few who score!)
Robert Mc Cormick/Thomas or Robert Flynn
Who’s the manager’s pet?
Thomas Flynn
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