Captain’s Profile- Sineád Cassidy

Sinead Cassidy Under-16 Captain


Best of luck to the Under-16 Girls Football team and management in the Championship final on Saturday. Thanks to their captain Sineád Cassidy who took part in our latest profile ahead of the big game. Come out and support them against Rathangan at 3.30pm in Hawkfield.





Name: Sinéad Cassidy

Teams represented: Under 16 football

Age: 16

Height: 5’2”

Typical weekly training / game schedule: Training Tuesday and Thursday and matches on Saturdays

Favourite Manager : Gerry O’Toole

Position: Centre half  back

Position you would like to play:  Midfield

Sporting Hero: Katie Taylor

One rule you would like to change: Allow more physical contact

Favourite interest / talent / hobby away from GAA: Running and music

What are you most proud of so far (on the field!): I’m proud of the work and the support the girls give on the pitch

First time you played Football: When I was 8

Favourite Football player: Aidan O’Shea

Favourite club player:  Aisling Curley

Favourite county player: Eoin Doyle

Biggest influence on your football career: My dad

Best advice someone has given you: It’s never over till it’s over

Best grounds you’ve played in: Croke Park

Best player you’ve played with: Dearbháil Kelly

Favourite sport: Camogie

Under-16 Camogie Team 2018


Getting to know the team………..

Who’s your best friend on the team?  Kim Morrissey, Aislinn Brady and Niamh Conaty

Who’s the tough nut of the team? Aislinn Brady 0’Toole

Who’s the quickest? Niamh McFadden

Who’s the hardest worker on the pitch? Charlie Horgan

Who’s the joker/messer of the team? Sian Mullins

Who’s the most skillful? Clodagh Murphy

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team? Chelsea and Charlie Horgan

Who is the best dancer?  Erin Shelley

Who’s the biggest whinger on the team? Sian Mullins

Who’s the quietest? Anna Brassil

Who gets most nervous on the big days? Niamh Conaty

Who’s the biggest poser? Clodagh Murphy

Who’s the newest member on the team? Jasmine Breen and Catie Murphy

Under-15 Winners Girls Football 2017

Who’s the top scorer? Molly Dervan

Funniest nickname on the team? Mikey (Nicole Quinn)

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet? Kim Morrissey/ Molly Dervan

Who is the most improved player? Amy Price

Who is the best team player? Chelsea Horgan and Isobel Landy

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