Captain’s Profile- Ciara Regan

Best of luck to the Minor Ladies Football team and management in the Championship Final tomorrow, Saturday 10th November.
Thanks to Captain, Ciara Regan who has taken part in our latest feature. Come out and support the team and management as they take on Celbridge at 12.15 in Hawkfield! 


Name: Ciara Regan 

Teams: Moorefield senior and minor 

Date of birth: 09/04/2000

Position  you would like to play: I’d love to play in the forwards but don’t think it will happen with my shooting!

Typical weekly training/game schedule: We trained every Tuesday and Thursday and normally a match every Sunday 

Management: Fiona Cassidy, Gerry O Toole, Spud Murphy

One rule you’d like to change: I’d like to change that the yellow card isn’t a sin bin it’s very harsh I think 

First time you played: I started playing when I was 9


Favorite club player: It would have to be Sheena or Amber

Favorite county player: Michelle Curley 

Biggest influence on your football career: The biggest influence on my football career would have to be my grandad 

Biggest influence in my life: it would have to be my family

Best advice: To never give up till it’s over 

Best grounds: Kinnegad for the Leinster minor final 

Ciara and Niamh

Best player you’ve played with: Aisling Curley on the senior team- she’s amazing! 

Best player you’ve played against: Nessa Dooley from Suncroft- she’s unstoppable 

Career high: Winning the All-Ireland minor final against Waterford 

Career low: Losing 

Minor Ladies Football

** The Minor Team 2018 **

Who’s your best friend on the team? It would have be to be Sarah Murray I’ve been playing with her since u9 now!

Who’s the tough nut? Sian is definitely 

Who’s the quickest? Erin she never stops running 

Who’s the most skillful? Niamh

Who’s the toughest to mark at training? Kim

Who’s the top scorer? It’s either Sarah or Clodagh 

Who’s the worst time keeper? Charlie ..always a good 5 mins late!

Who’s the best dancer? Ava with a few drinks in her!

Who’s the worst dancer? Hollie Dowling 

Who’s the worst dress sense? Kim Morrissey 

Who’s the joker/messer? Ava or Sian- they always have us in stitches

Who’s the biggest whinger? I think in fairness we all do our own fair bit of whinging!

Who’s the managers pet? Definitely Erin

Who’s the oldest? I think I’m actually the oldest

Funniest nickname? Santie 

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