Senior Football Championship Winners 2018

Leinster Photographs

County Final Photographs 

As our Moorefield warriors entered combat with Portlaoise, they had a great tradition behind them, ambition ahead of them. The effort they put in over the past two years has brought untold joy to the people who coached, trained and supported them over many years. They lined out yesterday on very precious ground, ground where huge numbers of men trained, drilled and marched on the British army barrack square, now St Conleth’s Park. Thousands of those men went to the Front in the first World War, never to return alive, Newbridge names like Donnelly, Ryan, Murphy, Reilly, Wilmot, Brennan, Byrne, Daly, Morning, Maher, Martin among them.

Our Moorefield heroes will return to greater glory in 2019.

There is no shame in defeat: In 1910, President Theodore Roosevelt of the United States said: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Despite the disappointment yesterday, they should be happy in the knowledge that they have brought joy to so many Moorefield men, women and children. Some of the famous 1962 team are ill and unable to attend games. Dozens of former Moorefield players and supporters were listening to KFM during the year, keeping in touch with home and club: Alex Whelan in Sydney, Bill Sex in Canada, Shane ‘Bops’ Origan in China – and many more in far-flung parts of the planet.

Many of our players have served as peacekeepers in foreign lands, bringing hope and life to other nations. They do likewise for us on the playing fields for our great club.

PLAYERS & MANAGEMENT GROUP, you were on hallowed ground yesterday and gave it the respect Moorefield and Newbridge deserve. When you are no longer able to play, you will recall great, glorious days in the green and white. And in 50 or 60 years’ time you will be able to say,     

‘We did it for our own people’




  Sunday 11th November 

AIB Leinster Club Senior Football Quarter Final

Venue: St. Conleth’s Park (1.30)

Moorefield  1-11 vs Portlaoise 1-14

Thanks to the team, management & backroom team for their commitment, dedication & hard work throughout the year.

Not our day today but the team can be proud of their achievements in 2018. 

Enjoy the well-deserved break & we look forward to seeing you back in action in 2019.

Once again we would like to thank our members, supporters & sponsors for their continued support to the team.



Sunday 28th October 2018

AIB Leinster Club Senior Football

Venue: TEG Cusack Park (1.30) 

Mullingar Shamrocks 1-6 v  Moorefield 2-9

Leinster GAA  

Hogan Stand


Kildare Now


2018 Winners

Joe Mallon Motors
SFC Final
Moorefield 2-12
Athy 2-09


Check out photographs from the final final….  

We were delighted to visit the local schools with the Dermot Bourke Cup.

Many thanks for the fantastic hospitality.

School Visit Photographs

We were delighted to visit the great Jim McDermott with the Dermot Bourke Cup in hospital.

Jim is a life long member & supporter of Moorefield & won a senior championship in 1962.

The club would like to send our best wishes to Jim #ClubIsFamily

Jim and the Dermot Bourke

Irish Times

Kildare Now- Captain Murray Maintaining Focus Hungry Moorefield Eye Silverware

Captain’s Profile- James Murray

Be the 16th man in St. Conleth’s Park for the Senior team & management this Sunday🇳🇬

Sunday 21st October

Joe Mallon Motors SFC Final 
Moorefield v Athy
Venue: St. Conleth’s Park, 3.30pm

Come support the team & management #Moores2018


Captain James Murray

Moorefield and Athy County Final Results

Moorefield and Athy, two of the oldest clubs in the county, founded in 1884 and 1887 respectively, have never met in a senior final in the 130-year history of Kildare Senior Football Championships from 1888 to 2017. In total, 124 finals were played – there were no finals in 1893,’94, ’98, ’99 and 1900, and in 1938 Ellistown refused to play neighbours, St Patrick’s from Kildare Town, in the final as ‘They hadn’t the personnel to replace six key players missing through illness’.


Interestingly and coincidentally, Moorefield and Athy have each played in 14 finals, Moorefield winning nine and Athy taking six titles. Twenty-five of those 28 finals were played in Droichead Nua – the exceptions being 1902 in Roseberry, 1926 in Kildare and 1937 in Naas. Since 1958 all finals have been played in ‘Newbridge or Nowhere’ else. And from 1926 onwards, only four finals have not been in Droichead Nua, Naas providing the scene of the action in 1937, ’40, ’52 and ’57.


Due to the re-development of St Conleth’s Park, the 2019 final will not be in Newbridge, and the cry may go out for ‘Athy, and Nowhere else’.


Moorefield’s Record in 14 finals

1902: Clane 4-7 Moorefield 2-3 @ Roseberry, 21 December 1902

1962: Moorefield 2-11 Kilcullen 0-2, 12 May 1963

1965: Carbury 3-12 Moorefield 1-9, 19 September 1965

2000: Moorefield 2-13 Kilcock 2-7, 22 October 2000

2001: Sarsfields 0-10 Moorefield 0-8, 16 September 2001

2002: Moorefield 1-8 Sarsfields 0-7, 13 October 2002

2006: Moorefield 0-10 St Laurence’s 0-9, 1 October 2006

2007: Moorefield 2-9 Sarsfields 0-11, 7 October 2007

2009: St Laurence’s 1-13 Moorefield 0-6, 18 October 2009

2010: Moorefield 0-13 Sarsfields 1-8, 17 October 2010

2013: Moorefield 2-14 Sarsfields 0-13, 13 October 2013

2014: Moorefield (0-16) 1-15 Sarsfields (1-13) 1-6, 26 October 2014

2016: Sarsfields 2-13 Moorefield 0-15, 16 October 2016

2017: Moorefield 0-11 Celbridge 0-9, 15 October 2017


Athy’s record in 14 finals

1923: Naas 2-5 Athy 0-0, 4 May 1924

1926: Caragh 3-4 Athy 3-3 @ Kildare, 27 March 1927

1927: Kildare 2-6 Athy 1-5, 16 October 1927

1933: Athy 2-6 Rathangan 1-4, 12 November 1933

1934: Athy (1-3) 2-6 Raheens (0-6) 1-4, 18 November 1934

1937: Athy 3-6 Sarsfields 1-6 @ Naas, 17 July 1938

1941: Carbury 1-9 Athy 1-6, 14 September 1941

1942: Athy (0-6) 1-6 Carbury (0-6) 0-6, 26 October 1942

1946: Carbury 0-11 Athy 0-7, 13 October 1946

1978: Raheens 3-14 Athy 2-6, 17 September 1978

1987: Athy 2-9 JTB 0-9, 27 September 1987

1995: Clane 3-17 Athy 1-8, 10 September 1995

2011: Athy 2-11 Carbury 2-7, 9 October 2011

2015: Sarsfields 0-17 Athy 1-12, 18 October 2015


The issue to be decided this year is whether the 2017 Leinster champions can make it 10 titles from 15 finals or if Athy can get their seventh from 15.




Hoky Poky

Monday 15th October

We’re turning the town green & white in support of the senior team & management for this Sunday’s Joe Mallon Motors SFC Final.

Thanks to all our volunteers!


Sunday 14th October

Thanks to Jody Cooke & Hoky Poky for their after training breakfast for the senior team & management this morning & throughout the year, it’s greatly appreciated!


Let’s Fill the Hill in support of our Senior Team🇳🇬

The Senior team take on Athy in the Joe Mallon Motors Senior Championship Final next Sunday 21st October at 3.30pm in St. Conleth’s Park.

The support for the team during the campaign has been fantastic & we look forward to seeing & hearing you in St. Conleth’s Park next Sunday#Moores2018


Senior Football 2018

Sunday 7th October

Joe Mallon Motors Senior Football Championship Semi-Final  

Venue: Newbridge,  15.45, 

Naas 0-9 vs Moorefield 0-17, 

Ref: David Coady

Sunday 23rd September

Senior Football Championship Quarter Final 

Venue: St. Conleth’s Park, 15.45

Moorefield 1-17 vs Johnstownbridge 1-9

Saturday 18th August

Senior Football Championship Round 1 

Venue: St. Conleth’s Park, 19.00

Moorefield 3-16 vs Raheens 2-11

 Ref: Paddy Mc Dermott

Saturday 1st September

Senior Football Championship Round 2 

Venue: Manguard Plus COE, 19.00

Moorefield 3-23 vs Clane 0-8


Sunday 9th September

Senior Football Championship Round 3 

Venue: Newbridge, 17.30

Moorefield 0-14 vs Johnstownbridge 2-5

Joe Mallon Motors SFC Fixtures

Round 1 Moorefield v Raheens

Round 2 Moorefield v Clane

Round 3 Moorefield v Johnstownbridge



Match Report- Kildare Now

Championship 2018

Sunday 6th May

Round 1

Moorefield 0-22 Carbury 4-8

Venue: St Conleth’s Park, 2.45pm



Joe Mallons Motors Renault SFC
Round 1 Draw

Athy v Maynooth
Naas v Round Towers
Raheens v Sarsfields
Moorefield v Carbury 
Confey v Johnstownbridge
Leixlip v Eadestown
Clane v St. Laurences 
Celbridge v Castledermot

Please kindly note the opening round draws of the Joe Mallon Motors Renault Senior Football Championship, the Intermediate Football Championship and the Tom Cross Junior Football Championship will take place on Sunday 25th March in St Conleth’s Park following the conclusion of the National Football League match between Kildare and Galway.

The draws for the Haven Hire Adult Hurling Championships will take place at a later date to be confirmed.

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