Moorefield Cub has a long and proud tradition of supporting charitable and worthy causes. In recent years, these included the following fundraisers:

  • Motor Neuron Association Walk from Croke Park
  • Irish Cancer Relay for Life for several years
  • The Alan Kavanagh Trust
  • Ross Cummins Memorial Truck Run
  • Our 24-hour World Record Breakers

The following is a small tribute to the Moorefield boys and girls, men and women, families and supporters who took part in the 10-day fundraiser for Dan and Ruairí, and to those who contributed a total of €7,569.00 for the charities.

Many people whose photos appeared on Facebook over that time are named below … but we also salute those who took part and are not identified: your time, dedication, effort and loyalty to the cause is deeply appreciated. Thank you very much for your involvement.


When all around were Covid bound,

Moorefield members their feet they found

For Lily Ruairí and Laois boy Dan

They cycled far, and walked and ran


Ten days and nights of so much fun

Brought tears of joy to everyone

It made us part of a huge campaign

To save two boys from all their pain


Moorefield’s spirit was never doubted

When all was over, the money counted

A huge amount from all our wealth

To help those boys improve their health

Christine called to get us walking

Action guys instead of talking

Got bank details on the website

And Euros rolled in by day and night


Kellys, Doyles, O’Neills and Murrays

All set off in a terrible hurry

Cally, Amber and the Hogans

Followed with a lot of slogans


Niallo, Aaron, Liam, the Wolfes

Butlers, Murphys and McCormacks

Mick Moloney and the Courtneys

All for little Dan and Ruairí


McGrogans, Naughtons, McDonnells too

Joan Yorke and Theresa Collins in jumpers new

Sinéad with James and Aaron Matthews

Now might need new Man’s Shop shoes


Killian, Jack and Sadie Harte

All went out and played their part

Butlers, Morrisseys and O’Connors

As well as crowds and crowds of others


Darragh Booth, Eileen Moore

Always there and did ensure

That others followed in their wake

The 10-day challenge for all to take


Ozzie, Nicola and Molly O’Toole

Delighted not to be in school

Conatys, Catherine and young Niamh

Their 10-day goal they did achieve


Geraldine and Rowena did their best

To set the pace for all the rest

Aungiers, Origans and the Brownes

Some of the best in Newbridge town


Stuart Conlon, Morrisseys, Ruth McCarter

Lola, Mila and David Farragher

Darragh Sheehy, Davie Brannigan

Could not go any faster


Bearded Niall and Kieran Murray

On their bikes and in a hurry

McDermott couple, Mairead and John

The five km jog they took it on


Gillian Kelly, Abbey and Ross Casey

One and all are really pacey

Healys, Kemmys and Daire Dunne

They really enjoyed all the fun


Danielle Kinsella, Michelle Burke

Look how hard they did work

Anthony Durney on a great high catch

Training for a Moorefield match


The Conway clan and Tara Quinn

Always there to test their skill

O’Briens, Gilroys, Cruddens too

They all showed what they could do


Galvins, McGraths, Condrens, Flynns

Went out to prove that they could win

From early morning to evening time

Kept up the effort, they crossed the line


Good luck to little Laois man Dan

And Ruairí from Lilywhite land

We wish them both a happy life

May they enjoy the games that we all like


Lorcán O’Rourke

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