Covid- 19 Update

 Advice to Clubs and Counties – for activities post Dec 27th in the 26 Counties


  1. Club Games

Under the new Level 5 Restrictions announced by Government and which take effect from December 27th, Club games are not permitted.

  1. Club Training

In level 5, underage and adult training can take place, but must be on a non-contact basis in pods of up to 15.

All clubs and players are reminded that Health Questionnaires and all other relevant control measures must continue to be followed.

  1. Use of Indoor Team Facilities

Dressing rooms, showers and all other indoor training facilities should remain closed for club activities.

Club Gyms in the 26 Counties may be opened for use by individuals only, with protective measures in place. Players/Teams must not train in groups.

  1. Committee Meetings

No indoor meetings can be held.

  1. Officer Training

All officer Training must be delivered online. Outdoor coaching education courses cannot be held

  1. Club Bars

Club Bars serving food must close from 3pm on Christmas Eve and until further notice. Delivery and take away food services only are permitted.

  1. Indoor Events on GAA Property

Commercial use of indoor halls continues to be permitted where agreement was in place prior to March and relevant insurance are in place. Use by State bodies e.g. HSE/Schools is also permitted.

These are the only instances in which indoor activity is permitted on GAA Club property.

  1. Outdoor Events on GAA Property

All planned outdoor gatherings post Dec 27th must be cancelled. This includes Drive in events.


  1. 2020 Minor Championships and U20 Hurling

The GAA are awaiting clarity from Government as to whether the remaining games in the 2020 Championship at U20 and Minor level can take place. Unfortunately we have not received this yet, but we will provide this to Counties as soon as it is available.

  1. 2021 Competitions – Return to Training dates

Counties are reminded that the following Return to Collective Training Dates for 2021 Competitions must be observed:


  • No return to collective Senior inter county training before January 15th
    • Senior inter county challenge games allowed from Start of February – due to covid and its associated risks, no training or games that will involve an overnight stay are permitted during pre-season.


  • No return to collective inter county minor training (H & F) or U20 Football before Friday 5th February; challenge games in these grades will be permitted from Friday, February 26th.


  • No return to collective inter county U20 Hurling training before Friday, April 2nd. Challenge games will be permitted from April 23rd


Counties and teams that are found to be in breach of the dates outlined above may be dealt with under Rule 7.2 T.O 2020 (“Misconduct considered to have discredited the Association”). Penalties available under this rule include suspensions for both individuals and Teams.

21st October

Below please note some important updates and clarifications in relation to Covid matters as we move to Level 5 across the country:

For Consideration of Clubs:

1. Club Games and Training

Level 5 restrictions mean neither adult club games nor Training can take place between now and December 1st. The GAA is adopting a 32-County approach in this context and therefore training for adult teams will not be allowed in the North either.

From midnight tonight, training at Minor level and below only will be permitted for clubs in all 32 Counties  (but not inter-county). However it must be on a non-contact basis in pods of no more than 15 people. Dressing Rooms cannot be used and the Health Questionnaire must be filled out by all those participating. Attendance by parents/guardians should be on the basis of one per child (for child protection reasons) and the Health Questionnaire must be filled out by all of those coming into the ground.

Injury Benefit Fund – GAA injury benefit cover is only in place for Inter County training and where non-contact training is organised for school aged children (i.e. Minor grade and below) outdoors in pods of 15

GAA Injury Benefit Fund cover does not extend to physical training sessions conducted remotely (i.e. online, via zoom etc.) 

  1. Use of indoor facilities – Commercial use of indoor halls continues to be permitted where agreement was in place prior to March and relevant insurance are in place. Use by State bodies e.g. HSE/Schools is also permitted.

These are the only instances in which Indoor facilities should be used.

  1. Outdoor Astro facilities/All weather pitches – these can only be used for underage Gaelic Games training purposes. Under Level 5, they cannot be hired out to recreational users (Schools are the only exception in this context)

Essential property checks maintenance and pitch upkeep is permitted in Level 5

In the case of Community Employment Scheme workers, local scheme operators will need to confirm the position to each club. We would remind all units that an extension of cover request is required for engagement of such workers at club properties

  1. Club Lottos/Draws – These are not permitted to take place indoors on GAA facilities.

  2. Walking Tracks – these are permitted to be used on the basis of the relevant control measures (signage etc) being in place. Clubs should remind users of the 5km travel restrictions in relation to use of these facilities.

  3. Drive in Events – Drive-in events are not permitted in Level 5 in the 26 Counties or for clubs in the 6 Counties.

  4. Handball Handball Alleys can only be used for individual training (i.e. one player at a time)

Inter County Matters

8. Minor and U20 Training and Games

All games and training at U20 and Minor level will cease from midnight tonight, Wednesday 21st.

The GAA will issue further advice in relation to when these competitions will now take place in due course.

9. Attendances at Allianz League and Championship Games

All Senior inter county games in both the 26 and 6 Counties must be played behind closed doors.

This means only essential personnel should be in attendance. A maximum of 40 persons per team will be allowed access to games. This figure should include all players, management, coaches, ancillary backroom personnel and officials. There can be NO EXCEPTIONS to this and this needs to be clearly communicated to team managements, players and backroom  personnel. Counties hosting league games will have ultimately responsibility for ensuring access is limited as outlined. 

For clarity, the 80 team personnel (40 per team) is in addition to essential match day personnel such as Match officials (Referees, Linesmen, Umpires), Media, Streaming personnel and required event officials (stewards etc.) 

10. Other issues to be conscious of for inter county games

  • Group team photographs are not permitted before or after games due to the challenges they present with regard to social distancing.

  • Players should not stand together for the National Anthem and should assume match positions before the Anthem proceeds.  

  • Jerseys should not be swapped after games

  • Please ensure Huddles are not formed by your players

  • Players should not shake hands before or after games.

  • Water breaks – players should avoid coming together in a close group for water breaks

** Kildare Adult Football and Hurling Leagues 2020 and Championship Completion 2020**

 Kildare GAA’s Management Committee has approved the CCC’s recommendation to null and void all 2020 Adult Football and Hurling Leagues along with Pre-Season Cup Competitions. (This also includes all Minor Football and Hurling Leagues).

The CCC will however endeavour to complete the following :

1. Adult Championships: All efforts will be made, where possible and permitted, to complete all Adult Championships for 2020. Dates and times to be confirmed by the CCC.

2. Minor Championships: The CCC will work within the appropriate guidelines in relation to Minor Championships and will revert as soon as further information is available.

3. U21 Championships:  If feasible, and within Government and GAA Regulations, the CCC will look at the possibility to run and complete Under 21 Championships in both Hurling and Football.


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