Fr Jimmy Doyle- Sportsman and a Shepherd

Sportsman and a Shepherd

This book explores the personality, achievements and beliefs that endeared this humble priest and GAA enthusiast to so many people during major changes in society and in the Church.

It was prompted by the numerous expressions of sympathy, sadness and shock at the time of Fr Jimmy’s death, at his funeral and on social media, especially on

As there will not be any book launches due to the Covid situation, we are promoting the book through personal contacts and on social media which will be vital for sales.

The cost of publishing Sportsman and a Shepherd has been covered by very generous contributions from individuals, businesses and GAA units in Kildare and Carlow.

All sales receipts will be donated to charitable purposes.

The full-colour book of 112 pages, including cover, costs €12.99 and measures 210mm x 210mm.

It comprises 50 stories and over 150 images and is a wonderful reminder of Fr Jimmy.

It will be an ideal Christmas present for anyone who knew him or who has an interest in sport or the Faith.

Tributes from Ronan Sweeney and Lorcán O’Rourke are also included.

The book will be on sale in the Parish Centre and in Farrell & Nephew bookshop.

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